Cover Letter for Human Resource Assistant

I saw the advertisement that your company [NAME] was opening another branch of your business in (name of the city/ place). I would like to congratulate you on this success of your company. The hard work you and your employees put in each task makes your company worthy of this success. As you are going to open a new branch, I am sure that you would be in need of recruiting new employees for the new branch.

An efficient and faster way of making recruitments is to have a person from the human resources department deal with it. But the workload is so much that the person would definitely require an assistant for managing the plethora of the tasks. I am guessing this is the reason that your company has advertised for applicants to apply for the position of Human resources assistant.

I am thrilled to apply for the position of Human resources assistant at [Company Name]. The advertisement has asked for a person having an at least (number of years) of experience. I am proud to state here that I have an experience of (number of years) of working as a human resources assistant.

I started working as an assistant for human Resources (date/ year). I had worked in (name of the company) at this position for (number of years). Later due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to shift from (name of the city) to (name of the city). After my shifting, I applied for a job at the same position in (name of the company). The manager of the company was very satisfied with my performance and therefore, he decided to shift me to the new branch of (name of the company) in (name of the city/ place). I worked for (time duration) in (name of the branch) of (name of the company).

During the tenure of my job as a Human Resources Assistant, I was responsible for carrying out various different tasks. These tasks included making schedules for the interviews. I also used to call people for informing them of their interviews. I used to write a complete official email to every applicant dictating their time and venue of the interview. Moreover, I was also responsible for managing those interviews.

After the successful interviews, I helped in the selection of employees. I would congratulate the successful employees and ask them to submit all the required documents according to the company policies. It was also one of my duties that I check thoroughly that all the documents submitted were original and were not forged. Once it occurred to me that a document submitted by an applicant was forged and I complained right away to the higher authorities. Later a complete police investigation was carried out on the matter.

Furthermore, I helped the newly recruited employees get familiarity with the culture, rules, and regulations of the company. Many reported that it helped them in settling in the company way faster than they had expected.

I am not only highly qualified but also, I am highly educated for the job. I have achieved my graduation degree from (name of the university) in (year).

I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Human Resources Assistant at (name of the company). I would be honored to share my past experiences with you. For any query please contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover letter for Human resources assistant
Cover letter for Human resources assistant

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