Office Closure Messages

Office closure message to employees

#1 Respected Customers. It is to inform you all that our head office which is situated in New Hampshire, street 345 will be closed due to the upcoming holiday season. During this period, I will not be able to respond to all your emails as I will be in the area where an internet facility would be unavailable as well as I am not taking my laptop with me. So, your queries will remain unanswered during this period. Moreover, there would be seven days off from 1-01-2020 to 07-01-2020. Hope…

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Request to Work from Home after Maternity Leave

Request Message to Work from Home after Maternity Leave

#1 Hi Sarah, as you know that I was on maternity leave for the previous [X] month and it is expiring on (date). For the last month, my baby is not feeling well and needs a lot of care. My mother was living with me for the last couple of days which gave me a little ease to take care of the newborn. Now, she has gone, and I don’t have an arrangement for a babysitter. I request you to work from home for a couple of days till I…

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