Project Kickoff Announcement Letter Template

Project kickoff announcement letter

1- RE. FDN-ELEVATORS & ESCALATORS PROJECT KICKOFF ANNOUNCEMENT Dear all, this letter has been penned to inform the commencement of the project of FDN Company about the installation of elevators and escalators in the shopping mall in the Green Area of San Diego and Denver Market, San Diego.  FDN has recently initiated a project that includes the building of twin shopping malls in the Green Area and Denver Market of San Diego. The construction of the malls has almost been completed. They have been working on the interior and sharpening…

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Change in Company Policy Letter

Change in company policy letter

1- RE. CHANGING THE CLAIM POLICY ON SHOES PRICED BELOW $50. Dear Customers, I am Rondez Balls, Assistant Manager of Comfy Feet Shoes Company. I am writing this letter to all on behalf of Director and General Manager, Mr. Carol Binj. Referencing the subject, the letter addresses an issue in the company’s claim policy, and thus, I am writing to clear the ambiguity related to avoiding any clash or contradiction of statements by the company. We have updated our Claim Policy which was previously updated in 2014.  With the new…

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