Project Kickoff Announcement Letter Template



Dear all, this letter has been penned to inform the commencement of the project of FDN Company about the installation of elevators and escalators in the shopping mall in the Green Area of San Diego and Denver Market, San Diego. 

FDN has recently initiated a project that includes the building of twin shopping malls in the Green Area and Denver Market of San Diego. The construction of the malls has almost been completed. They have been working on the interior and sharpening of the shopping malls’ specific areas. On 20-08-21, we signed a contract with FDN which includes the installation of elevators and escalators in the shopping malls. According to this new project, we need to get this done as soon as before 20-10-21. They give dates means we have less than two months to work on the project. 

With the approval of the Managing Director and Board of Governors, we have decided to kick off this project from 26-08-21 to not delay the commencement of the work. As we all know that the installation of elevators and escalators in one building takes more than two months, in the meanwhile, we have given a period for two buildings. Having estimated the short span of time, we have requested the increased manpower and tools of equipment. 

The project shall be initiated on 26-08-21 with a meeting of all the supervisors and heads of the warehouse where all the estimations and suggestions shall be submitted. This project is one of the most important undertakings, therefore, it is to be handled with great care and commitment. The department of Designing and Idea Projection are requested to submit their designs and patterns in the meeting on the mentioned date. No lag of time shall be tolerated. 

Moreover, it is to communicate that the successful layout and projection of this project will be entertained with a bonus to the whole team. Thank you in anticipation for your commitment and cooperation in this regard as we hope the best from our competent workforce. 


David Ragin
Department of Human Resources
Steward and CO. 
1120/10 SILK Tower, San Diego

Project kickoff announcement letter



Dear Employees,

This letter serves as an announcement of the official commencement of a project and its apprehension to the selected team members. 

With reference to the cited subject, this letter announces the date and initial procedures of project no. 4713-D. Project no. 4713-D deals with the development of the applications and website for the SK High State Agency. SK High State Agency is a real estate company that deals with the sale, purchase, and renting out the spaces at residential and commercial levels. SK High is a newly established real estate company and has proposed to us the project of providing them with the development of a website and multiple mobile applications with a high interface. 

There is one website having all other undertakings in its subsidiary sections i.e. Sale, Purchase, and Rent. Similarly, they want to develop three mobile phone applications that include one for the hostels, one for the sale and purchase of the residential and commercial spaces, and one for the investment and partnership programs. The applications need to be user-friendly, easy to access, and highly comprehensible. All the subtleties have to be avoided and unnecessary interference needs to be excluded. 

This project deals with the Department of IT of our company which will be supervised and scrutinized by the Managing Director, General Manager, Manager Finance, Project Manager, and Manager Human Resources. The project shall be officially kickoff from 01-09-21 with the meeting of all the mentioned persons or their personation. All the professionals of IT including IT Manager, Assistant Manager IT, Web Developers, Web Designers, Head of the APP Management and Design, and Software Managers are requested to attend the meeting at 11 AM in the conference room no. 3 on 01-09-21. 

Thank you.

Geller Lockhart
Project Manager
HiTech Group of IT & Software
90-C/11, FnC Market, Orlando
Florida, USA

Project kickoff announcement letter

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