Apology Letter to Wife for Drinking

Apology letter to wife for drinking

I could not gather enough courage to say sorry, therefore, I decided to write you this letter. Please consider this letter as a formal apology from my side because I came drunk at home last night. Yesterday, my friends insisted on me, and I drank a lot. I became out of my senses thereafter. Later, our children told me that my behavior was inappropriate as I entered the home. Honey, I totally forgot the promise which I had made to you after I drank for the first time in my…

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Apology Letter for Insulting Boss

Apology letter for insulting boss

I am writing this letter to offer you my deepest apology and rectify my mistake. I am extremely remorseful for insulting you in front of our media team. I admit that my behavior was disrespectful and inappropriate in every way. This letter is not sufficient to justify my action, but I have not gathered enough courage to face you after that incident. I don’t control why I started yelling and insulting you in presence of all staff members despite knowing that you were just trying to make your point clear…

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