Apology Letter to Wife for Drinking

I could not gather enough courage to say sorry, therefore, I decided to write you this letter. Please consider this letter as a formal apology from my side because I came drunk at home last night. Yesterday, my friends insisted on me, and I drank a lot. I became out of my senses thereafter. Later, our children told me that my behavior was inappropriate as I entered the home.

Honey, I totally forgot the promise which I had made to you after I drank for the first time in my life. I am sorry for not keeping my word and meeting your expectations. After this shameful event, I cannot express my regret in words. 

My dear, I can also imagine the extent of trouble and inconvenience faced by you and our children. It all happened due to my act, and I am very much embarrassed after the occurrence of this shameful incident.

I want to let you know that I have been pushed into a state of deep stress and I am feeling ashamed of my act. I am not feeling well in myself. Being a father and a husband, I must have taken great care of my actions, but it is a very sad reality that I have created a bad image of myself due to my own mistake. Now it has become hard for me to face children at home.

This is my request to accept my deepest apology. We have been together for the last seven years and such kind of incident never happened before. Rest assured; this will not happen in the future.

I own what I did, and I take full responsibility for it. I can do anything to regain my trust and rectify my mistake. I am very much ashamed of my actions and I request you help me get out of the state of embarrassment.

Please call me and let me know whether you have forgiven me after reading my letter. Only then I will be able to come home comfortably. Otherwise, it will be hard for me to confront you all at home. I hope you will understand my situation after reading this letter.

Apology letter to wife for drinking

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Dear Ifra Gull,

It was never anticipated that I would be writing you like this. I am not finding the proper words to start this letter. I am too much embarrassed after the shameful incident of last night. I am filled with feelings of sorry because I was out of my senses after drinking too much. Although my friends were insisting I drink I should have refrained. They deliberately created such an environment that I was unable to control myself.

I take full responsibility for my actions and apologize with the promise that such a shameful incident will not be repeated by me in the future. I am a wrongdoer and openheartedly admit my mistake. My regret cannot be expressed in words but still, I offer my sincerest apology for my actions.

I am writing because it was not possible for me to face you early in the morning. A home is a place of comfort for a person but I created a lot of disturbance for you and all the family because I came home after drinking last night. I own and take full responsibility for my shameful act. You are an integral part of my life, and I can imagine the extent of your anger but at the same time, I also know that you are a kindhearted lady, and a little word of sorry can-do miracles and make things right.

I assure you to refrain from such deeds in the future and make our home an exemplary place to live in. I hope you will accept my apology and forgive my mistake.

Your and only yours.

Apology letter to wife for drinking

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