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If you have a well-established business, it is wise to make a proper ledger to keep all the record. The accounts receivable ledger is basically a sub-ledger in which you can record all sales data made by your business. It is probably better for not separating all the record and places it one location as a record of all quantities invoiced to clients as well as all payment memos and bill records issued to you. The total quantity of accounts receivable ledger will be the same to the collective amount of unpaid accounts receivable.

A precise transaction provided into the accounts receivable ledger will store an account receivable, trailed at an advanced date by a recompense transaction from a customer that removes the account receivable. If a client does not provide the complete payment of an invoice, a credit document may be logged to exclude the remaining balance.


The data in the accounts receivable ledger is collected at regular intervals and forwarded to an account to become a part of the general ledger which is called the control account. The control account of the ledger is primarily used to keep from filling the general ledger with the huge quantity of information that is usually kept in the accounts receivable ledger. Make sure to complete all records in the ledger before concluding the books and making financial reports at the end of an accounting period.  After that close the ledger for that time period and transfer the totals to the general ledger.

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Accounts receivable ledger


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