Advance Salary Request Letters

  1. For Family Emergency

I am XYZ, the credit officer at the finance department of ABC company. This letter serves as a request for an advanced salary payment. I am in dire need of money due to a family emergency. Therefore, I shall be extremely grateful if you agree to pay me the salary for the next two months in advance.

I must pay the hospital bills of my grandmother who has suddenly fallen ill. Since I am the sole breadwinner in the family, this responsibility is also on my shoulders. It is for this reason that I need financial help and hence the advance payment request.

Your kind consideration shall be most appreciated.

  1. For Family Tour

Advance salary request letter for family tourI am ABC, Assistant Sales Manager in your company. I would like to request you for an advanced salary payment. I need the money to deal with some extra expenditures this month for my family tour. My vacation leave has already been approved.

I shall be grateful to you for your consideration.

  1. For Own marriage

Advance salary request letter for own marriageI am writing this letter to inform you that I am XYZ, serving as Junior Purchase Officer in your company for 2 years. I would like to request for my next month’s salary in advance since I am getting married in June.

After my father’s retirement last year, I have been taking the major financial responsibility of the family. Therefore, I must pay for all the expenditures related to my wedding ceremony myself. I shall really appreciate your consideration.

  1. For Festival

Advance salary request letter for festivalWith due respect, I am writing this letter to request you to pay my next month’s salary in advance.

As you know, the festival of Christmas is around the corner. Since this is nearly the end of the month, I do not have sufficient money to bear all the expenses related to this beautiful festival. I have the responsibility of a large family. As a result, my expenses are also greater than what an average head of the family must deal with. I need some extra financial support around the time of such festivals. Therefore, it will be a favor to me if you can fulfill my advance salary request.

I will appreciate your kind consideration.

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