Travel Agency Business Proposal Letter

Starting a new business is quite complex and challenging task. While starting a business, one needs a strong innovative business proposal. The business proposal contains the idea of the business, the concept, a strong survey, knowledge of investors. For developing a proposal, one needs to be much innovative as today’s business world is much challenging.

A detailed research must be conducted for an effective proposal. Research helps a lot in getting knowledge about market opportunities, market growth, and trends. Another important factor is detailed information about the relevant investors. One must specify the areas of investor’s interest.

Nowadays, travel agencies are providing a great deal of comfort in tourism-related services. Their direct correspondence with the dealers of different tourism services provides a great deal of ease to people traveling abroad.

They are skilled in providing services for both domestic and international travel. Their responsibilities are much challenging as they have to distribute the tickets before the due dates. Moreover, they have to do reservation on time. Their key role is to have a clear knowledge of the tourism places regarding weather and other concerning facilities.

A travel agency business proposal letter is written to make people aware of the upcoming packages. These packages are restricted with time. In such letter, the destinations must be highlighted. The offered packages along with discounts must also be highlighted.

The letter is sent to some media source for publishing. A good note must be written to the publisher along with all the details.


Travel agency business proposal letterDear newspaper owner, this is the very first collaboration I am making with you. I would like straightly to come to the point; we are a fresh travel organization firm positioned in the city. We are offering some prodigious travel packages for the new year. The strategies and packages are for both coast-to-coast and global visit. We are proposing incredible concession plans for populate in the city.

Your newspaper is widespread in the realm and masses read it regularly. It would be an honor to work with your organization to make known my concern to the people. Our commercial policy spins around the requirement to deliver class service to our customers.

We are completely focusing on the process entirely nourishing their desires. This is going to get started through enrolment of a specialized squad. We are also working hard on the delivery of better quality conventional plan travel packages, meeting & fulfilling the customer’s essential wants.

The company as well anticipates having brochures in unique designs. We also intend to have other marketing material that will empower regulars to know about the benefits of availing these services & to understand the categories of facilities we propose.

I have hemmed in the rate graph along with the letter to make it easy for you to create an eye-catching ad for us. For additional figures or interrogations, you are welcomed to communicate with me by phone or email.

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