Apology Letters for Hurt Feelings

Letter 1.

With all due respect and regards, it is stated that I, Martina James, the Vice Head Mistress of the Union Central Middle School, wanted to discuss a matter and to apologize to you for the hurt feelings caused if any. I have been one of the eminent teachers of UCMS for the last 10 years now and had been promoted to the appointment of Vice Head Mistress of the school for the last 2 years.

I am very well aware of the level of hierarchy in the school and I know how much important this is for an institution to be run. This makes you my immediate senior in the school and me, the second most senior staff member of this unified branch of our school.

I feel like there has been a misunderstanding between the two of us due to some unfortunate reason and some miscommunication which has made me feel that you have been hurt by this as a natural consequence.

The previous Friday, when there was to be a visit of the local educational authority officers for the inspection, I had received your order to get the children in their classes before the lunch break ends which I had already acknowledged as a matter of common sense.

So, when the peon came to me delivering your order and message, I told him that I have prior experience in such inspection visits so he needs not to worry and that you should consider the task done. I have no idea what the peon told you like my answer but he certainly has miscommunicated, making you think that I was acting bossy or arrogant, rather I just aimed to tell you that the arrangements have already been made.

I seriously never intended to disrespect you or sound arrogant in front of you, as I am aware that you are my senior here, and that respecting and obeying you is both my ethical, moral and professional duty.

I hence, ask you for an apology if the miscommunication caused you to hurt and if you felt that I have let you down by any means. I assure you that nothing of this sort would ever happen again, and I hope you will pardon me for the hurt caused. Looking forward to working together in the future as well. Thank you.

Yours obediently,

Martina James
Vice Head Mistress,
Union Central Middle School, London.

Apology letter for hurt feelings

Letter 2.


Director Canvas Films Pvt Ltd,
Mr. Edward Kennedy 
Canvas Films Pvt Ltd,
Film City, West Virginia.

16th January 20XX

Respected Sir,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of our health. With all due respect and regards, it is stated that I am Eric Watson, currently working as an assistant director under you in this year’s fifth movie produced by Canvas Films Private Limited. Sir, the purpose of writing to you is to clear the miscommunication between us and to clear any misunderstandings that you might have against me.

In the recent courses of action scenes being shot, I clearly remember to take complete guidance and instructions from you and then guide out the cameramen to shoot those action scenes a certain way.

The issue started rising when the second assistant director started interfering in the scenes I was supposed to deal with. He came up with different shooting angles other than those directed by you, and he posed such pressure over me and the camera team (being the son of one of the financers) that we could not somehow oppose him, leaving us lost our contracts.

Hence, he made us change almost all the scenes and made us shoot it all over again, due to which the actors got angry with me as well and eventually I had to bear all the loss and your undue scolding. The actors also started throwing tantrums for me although they knew it was all due to second assistant director James Collins.

This all made you think that I had the audacity to negate and go against your instructions while he was the one intruding in my span of control.

I hope that you will pardon me, as now you know I never intended to go against your directions on purpose and who was behind all the end-time changes. I apologize for the hurt caused by me anyhow. I suggest you should talk to the producers about his unnecessary interference in every department and tell them the aftereffects of 2nd AD’s bossy attitude.

I look forward to working with you for gaining this golden chance to polish my direction skills. Thank you.

Yours respectfully,

Eric Watson
Assistant Director,
Canvas Films Pvt Ltd, West Virginia.

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