Apology Letters

  • Late Invitation

I am writing to apologize to you for the late wedding invitation. I sincerely hope you will be able to make it to my wedding next week.

All the preparations for the big day have been overwhelming. As my fiancé and I have been arranging everything without any help, we forgot to send the invites on time. Please accept my apologies.

Kindly RSVP through the phone. Your presence on my wedding day would mean a lot to me. Looking forward to seeing you.

  • Wrong document

I would like to express my apologies to you for sending you the wrong document yesterday. The file you originally requested has been attached to this email. Kindly discard the wrong document.

I regret causing you any inconvenience that may have occurred owing to my mistake. I hope it didn’t cause any trouble.

  • Wrong Order

XYZ team expresses its sincerest apologies for shipping the wrong order to you. We are extremely sorry for causing you inconvenience. The company will make a full refund to you. You may keep the product or ship it back to us.

As for your original order, do let us know if you still wish to make the purchase. We will ship the product to you free of delivery cost as compensation.

The satisfaction of our clients is of the utmost importance to us at XYZ. Our team works diligently through a well-organized system to make sure that we serve our customers flawlessly. However, due to a mix-up at our warehouse, the wrong product was packed up and sent to you. We are extremely regretful about the bad experience you had to face. The company will further strengthen its system in order to ensure this never happens again.

Please accept our apologies. We hope you shop with us again soon.

  • Wrong Data

It is to inform you with regret that the data I sent you yesterday for the ABC report contains some errors. I am sorry I did not counter check before emailing you the information. Please accept my apologies and give me one more day to go through the files and send you the updated data.

I feel bad for causing you inconvenience as you have already started working on the report. I will personally talk to the manager and will request him to extend the deadline for your report submission.

Once again, I am sorry for the mistake.

  • Wrong Report

I have just been informed that my assistant mailed you the wrong report. I apologize for the mix-up. I am personally mailing you the feasibility report you requested for Mr. John Doe’s project.

Do let me know if you need further help.

  • Wrong Attachment

I apologize for sending you the wrong attachment in the XYZ mail sent on 3rd October. Kindly refer to this email attachment to find the file you requested.

Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Wrong Email

I am writing to apologize to you for sending you a personal email that was originally meant for a friend of mine. It is the mail you received almost an hour ago with the subject line “XYZ”. Since both of you share the same first name, I accidentally sent the mail to you instead of him. I just realized my mistake while I was checking my sent folder.

Kindly overlook the message and delete it if you wish. I apologize for bothering you.

  • Wrong Product

We express our apologies for sending you the wrong size and color for the shirt you ordered on our website. We have just received your complaint and have immediately begun an investigation to find out what caused the mix-up.

We are extremely regretful for causing you inconvenience. Your original order will be dispatched to you at the earliest. You will receive a discount of 30% for this product as the compensation offered by the company.

Please accept our apologies. We look forward to your next purchase.

  • Late Report

I am writing this letter with the sincerest apologies for missing the deadline for the ABC report which was due on 5th October. Some parts of the report are still incomplete since I haven’t received the relevant data from the HR department yet. I have asked the HR manager to mail me the data at the earliest. As soon as I receive the same, it will only take me a couple of days to finalize the report.

I understand that the delay in the report is going to create a bad impression on our client. Keeping this in mind, I am going to finish the report as my priority. I assure you such delays will not happen in future. I will make sure the concerned departments submit the relevant data on time.

Once again, I sincerely apologize to you for the delay. Thank you for understanding.

  • Wrong Information

I regret to inform you that the quotes provided to you yesterday for the requested products were incorrect. My assistant forgot to take into consideration the recent rise in the price of the US dollar. Kindly accept my apologies.

The updated quotes have been enclosed. Do let me know if you are still interested in ordering the goods.

I look forward to your response.

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