Cover Letter for Custodian

I came to know from a friend of mine that your company (name of the company) was looking for a custodian. I because of my expertise and knowledge with a (no. of years) experience would like to apply for this position. I know the importance of a clean and tidy office. It is often said that the first impression is the last impression. This is often true, so it is very important that when the clients arrive, they are impressed by the cleanliness and the overall environment of the office.

If the office would provide them with the best facility it is more likely they would make another visit as no one wants to put a foot in an untidy place.

The work of a custodian might look unimportant but, it is not. A custodian silently sets the stage for the company’s success by working behind the scenes. I am the person who not only does his work with complete honesty but also, I like to give attention to little details.

During my work at (company name), I was responsible for many tasks apart from cleaning. I used to keep track of the office supplies, provide the employees with the afternoon tea and assisting them in small chores as I know how to operate MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint software. I often helped the office employees with the organization of data and calculations.

In (name of the company) I was liked by every person in the office for my honesty and diligent and hard-working nature. I was often called to deliver parcels to different areas outside the office. This often-included important documents and sometimes money transactions. Moreover, I have pretty advanced knowledge about the cleaning tools and the new technologies used for cleaning large spaces such as offices.

I am also physically fit and can lift up to 70pounds easily. I work quickly but efficiently so that the area is clean in less time and yet no one gets a chance to complain about untidiness. I used to keep a record of the office supplies on an excel sheet and thus, every time I would purchase anything required in the office, I would update the sheet and the office would pay for the stationery and other goods.

In the end I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of custodian at your company [NAME]. I assure you that if I am selected, I would try my best to complete my tasks on time and not give anyone a chance for a complaint.

I would love to visit your office and meet your employees and see for myself what expectations your company (name of the company) has from a person at the position of custodian. For any further query please contact: (contact details of the personal number and email address).


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for a custodian

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