Change in Procedure Letters


Re. Introducing the Procedural Changes in the Reporting Time of the Employees and Salary Deduction with Immediate Effect.

Dear Employees, the letter inks the needs of the hour i.e., to do necessary procedural and policy changes that are beneficial to the company’s mandate of punctuality and the employees’ productivity. Our company has eight hours of working schedule with a total working of forty hours a week.

Another older policy was the use of forty hours policy to take leave of more than two days from work when required. The misuse of employees-friendly policies and the use of less-official measures and procedures to evaluate the employees’ performance has severely affected the company for the past month.

Therefore, management and high authorities, after certain negotiations with the supervisors of different departments, have decided to introduce certain policy changes and procedural alterations to cut off the energy and production draining tools. First, it is to inform all of you that reporting time which was not specific and sometimes not necessary has affected the employees’ punctuality.

Looking at this, the reporting time has been settled at 09:20 with a buffer time of 20 minutes. Employees misusing buffer time would be given certain penalties as the use of buffer time for consecutive three days would result in a salary deduction of one day.

Another change introduced by the committee is the replacement of forty hours of work with thirty-three hours of presence at the desk. As the employees have been using ‘forty hours work policy’ for their benefits, i.e., completing forty hours earlier than needed and then taking unnecessary half-leaves from the work. As there has been seen a surge in this tradition at the workplace, we have changed the policy.

These procedural changes will boost the employees’ productivity levels and help them grow by making them punctual and active. This shall ultimately impact the company’s overall performance and production. We hope these changes will not bring any negative criticism from you. We hope you all strictly adhere to the procedural changes introduced with an immediate effect.

I am looking forward to your complete submission and adherence to the newly introduced policy and procedure of check-in and check-out. Thank you.

Change in procedure letter

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Re. Informing New Procedures for the Medical Assurance Mandated by the Company

Dear Employees,

With reference to the above-cited quote, it is to inform you all that the company has introduced a few changes in the procedure of getting medical assurance from the company. The changes involve approval from the higher cabinet of HRM and the dually signed permit from the Primary Advisor of the company’s employees’ dealings.

The company would get their employees to check up medically and their screenings will be done at the company’s expense. There has been seen a hike in the submission of feigned medical assurance documents by the employees, hence, it has been approved by the higher cabinet, that the company’s medical advisor shall do the medical screening of the employees. Health has been a top priority for the company; therefore, such demeanor is not only unacceptable but punitive with serious penalties.

To convene the matter of medical assurance, we have decided for the employees to get them examined by the medical officer of the company and get it approved by the primary advisor of the company. Medical history and active complaint forms have been enclosed in the letter.

You are advised to fill the form and submit it to Human Resources before [DATE]. In case of any queries, please refer to the General Management. Thank you for your cooperation. We are expecting a good deal of appreciation as the physical and mental health of employees has been a priority for us.

Thank you.

Change in procedure letter

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