Clearance Letters

1- Employee clearance letter

It is stated that Mr. Meezo has resigned from XYZ Corporation on 15th November 2019. He has served the organization for 7 years from April 2012 till the date of his resignation.

He has handed over the office laptop and his employee ID card to the HR department. All his dues have been cleared by the finance department. There are no more unfulfilled obligations.

We wish him luck for his future.

2- Loan clearance letter from employer to employee

This is to certify that Mr. Meezo, Assistant Manager R&D Department, has paid the final installment for his loan debt to the company. The loan was taken in the amount of Rs. 500,000 in 2014 to be repaid in installments annually with an interest rate of 5%. Mr. Meezo has cleared his dues by paying the principal amount along with the interest.

Please find enclosed copies of the payment receipts.

3- Clearance letter for resigned employee

Miss Mishal has served XYZ Company as Manager HR Department for 4 years. Her resignation will be in effect from 1st January 2020.

She has been a diligent employee. The company benefited from her hard work during her service. In addition, Miss Mishal is honest and displays perfect work ethics. She has not been involved in any controversy or other issues while she worked for the company.

She has received her clearance from all relevant departments. XYZ holds no obligation on Miss Mishal after the 1st of January. 

4- Request for clearance letter from the bank

I am John Doe and my account number is [X]. I am writing to request for a loan clearance certificate.

I have been a client in your bank for 6 years. The said loan was taken in April 2018 in the amount of $[X] to set up my business. It was to be repaid with an interest rate of 8% over a period of 24 months. I have made the full repayment within 17 months along with the due interest. Kindly issue my loan clearance certificate.

I have enclosed all the necessary documents. Please contact me for further information.

5- Clearance letter for student

XYZ University issues clearance to Jane Doe, final year student at the Biosciences Department. She is clear of all obligations related to her semester fees, library books, and lab equipment.

Relevant documents including fee payment receipts have been enclosed.

6- Clearance letter from distributor

It is stated that XYZ Publishers have dispatched the requested books to your library. You will receive the shipment within 5 business days.

The invoice and checklist have been enclosed. Kindly make the remaining payment when you receive your package.

7- Store clearance letter

I am writing to inform you that we have successfully sold out the last season variety in all our outlets. We are now ready to receive new stock before we reopen after the Christmas holidays.

Kindly dispatch the new variety. You may contact me for further information.

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