Cover Letter for Laboratory Technician

I am pleased to write this cover letter for the position of Laboratory Technician at (name of the Research Institute). I am a person with a passion for science therefore, I would like to make it a means for my living too. It is a famous saying that if you choose to do something you love you would never be working again in your lifetime. When I am searching for scientific articles to solve any issue or even when I am performing a long routine procedure, I feel inner satisfaction. I never find these long procedures tiring. I love to find a solution to complicated problems. Hence, I think that I am the best-suited candidate for this position considering my passion, expertise, and education.

I have loved science since childhood. My parents saw this, and they always encouraged me to pursue my passion. When I started high school, I became interested in science more than ever. My thirst for scientific knowledge increased and I decided to pursue my career in science. Therefore, I took admission in (name of the university) for doing a graduation degree in (name of the subject). I also joined the scientific society of the university and became its president in my second year. As the head of the society, I conducted several national and international seminars related to science especially in (name of the subject/ area).

I was also presented with a number of awards and certificates for my contributions to the scientific society of the university. I myself did a project for the thesis of my bachelor’s degree which involved identification of a specific gene mutation causing (name of the disease).

After the completion of my bachelor’s degree, I took admission to a postgraduate degree in the subject (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I completed my degree with a distinction in (name of the subject). My project for my final thesis involved finding a suitable way of detecting (name of the disease) with minimum invasive technique. The results of my project were quite promising and thus, were further investigated by my fellow juniors as part of their final year project. My Professors were also very pleased with my performance.

I have a very hard-working nature. I like to complete the tasks assigned well before time so that I have enough time to double-check my work before submission. In science, every little mistake should be looked after with great care. I also have experience of working as a Laboratory Technician.

I started my job as a laboratory technician in (name of the research institute) in (year). I served as a laboratory technician for (no of years). During the tenure of my job as a laboratory technician, I was responsible for carrying out several tasks. I was accountable for making sure that every equipment in the laboratory was being used in the correct and prescribed way. I was also responsible to report if any equipment was giving faulty results. Moreover, I was in charge of making reservations for every equipment. I maintained the decorum of the laboratory. Making sure that the laboratory waste was being separated from normal waste was also one of my responsibilities.

I performed several different tests for the physicians. I made sure that the results of every test conducted were reported in the correct manner. I collected an extensive amount of data for several tests. I always made sure that the complete data was properly stored and accessible. I am proud to state here that during the tenure of my job the accuracy rate increased to (mention percentage) of the laboratory.

I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Laboratory Technician at (name of the research institute). I am eager to learn more about your institute and the responsibilities that a laboratory technician has in your institute. I look forward to meeting you and your current employees in the near future. I would love to share my past experiences with you. For any further query please contact me on the details mentioned.

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