Company Services Complaint Response Letter

A company services complaint response letter is a formal letter, that is written by an organization, and is addressed to the unhappy customer. This letter is prepared in response to the complaint launched by a customer, who had a bad experience with the organization’s services or had faced unsatisfactory customer services. In this letter, the organization attempts to handle the complaint in the best manner possible and aims to make the customer satisfied.

If the mistake has been done on the company’s part, it should clearly accept, apologize, and rather make up for it, by offering some sort of offer or compensation. On the other hand, even if the organization did not do any wrong, and there was some misunderstanding, or the customer was fussy, the response letter is sent to deal with the situation properly so that the loss of the customer does not happen. Otherwise, it may not only mean the loss of only one customer, but a ripple effect may follow due to the possible negative reviews and word-of-mouth by that angry customer.

Therefore, it is important to address a customer complaint. To do that, a company services complaint response letter is often sent to the affected customer, which is a formal correspondence with the customer, conducted on the company’s letterhead. The information included in such types of letters may vary as per:

  • The circumstances,
  • The company policies,
  • The severity of the customer complaint,
  • The probable effects of the complaint on the company,
  • The offers for the customer, etc.

Generally, however, the following information is included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Customer details.
  • Organization details.
  • Complaint details.
  • Response to the complaint.
  • Acceptance and apology.
  • Actions taken to cater to the complaint.
  • Offers or compensation, if any.
  • Any attached documents.
  • Apologize again, and request for its acceptance.
  • Request for the removal of any sort of negative reviews.

When this letter is received by the customer, he feels valued and may accept the offer given by the company. However, if the complaint is serious, and he wants to take it to the court, the company can show this letter in the court, as legal evidence, that it tried to make things even with the angry customer.

Sample Company Services Complaint Response Letter

Dear Ms. Martha,

This letter is being written to you to respond to your complaint filed on 4th August 20XX.

We are extremely sorry that you had to face the rude behavior of our customer service representative. Mr. Mathew was a new hire, and he was not completely aware of the company policies regarding the exchange of the product, which you had come to the store for. He was under the process of training, and we should not have placed him on the front counter to deal with the customers, without the completion of his training.

It was our fault, and we highly apologize for it. Please visit us soon, and your product will be exchanged immediately. If it is inconvenient for you to revisit, and you want us to send our representative to your place, we will arrange that as well. In addition, we have issued a warning letter to Mr. Mathew as well, and we are sending his written apology with this letter as well.

We hope that you will accept our and Mr. Mathew’s apology. We also hope that you will remove your negative review on our company’s official Facebook page. We will be very grateful to you.

Thank you.


Sarah Robson.

Company services complaint response letter

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