Damaged Goods Complaint Response Letter

A damaged goods complaint response letter is a formal letter, that is written in response to a filed complaint by the customer/client. It is written by the company, which has been accused of delivering the damaged goods and is addressed to the client, who has launched that complaint. In this letter, the organization attempts to handle the customer’s complaint, and provide an explanation of why the customer received the damaged goods. In addition, if it is responsible, the organization, usually, offers some sort of compensation to make up for its mistake, and even if it is not guilty, it tries to give some offers to make the customer satisfied.

Usually, it is the responsibility of a company to deliver its products in the proper and functional condition, and if the goods get damaged before they reach the customer, the organization must bear that cost. If the customer launches a complaint of the damaged goods, the company cannot simply ignore it, as it may lead to the loss of goodwill, customers, and work.

Therefore, the companies try to handle the complaints in the best possible way. To correspond with the angry customer, one of the professional ways is to write a damaged goods complaint response letter. The information included in such letters vary as per the circumstances, but, generally, the following details are included in a template of such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the customer/client.
  • Details of the organization.
  • Details of the filed complaint.
  • Response to the complaint.
  • Acceptance and apologies if the organization is responsible.
  • Explanations and the responsible party if the organization is not at fault.
  • Offers and compensation to make up for the customer’s loss.
  • Any attached documents.
  • Request the customer to abstain from giving the negative reviews.

After receiving the response letter, the customer can decide, if he wants to accept the company’s apology and offers. Usually, if the offer is good, the issue gets resolved at this point. Otherwise, it may prolong, and affect the company’s image to a great extent, indicating that the response letter should be written properly, and should be enticing enough for the customer.

Sample Damaged Goods Complaint Response Letter

Dear Ms. Sarah,

With deep regret, I am writing this letter to respond to your complaint, that you filed on 5th August 20XX, regarding the damaged goods.

ABC Limited has always been a customer-focused company, and we believe in providing high-quality products to satisfy our customers to the fullest. Due to this, our quality check is very strict. As you are one of our major customers, every time you place an order, I personally check the goods before delivering them to you. The goods were fine, however, you received them in a faulty state. After your complaint, we investigated the case and found that our packaging department is responsible for this mistake. They did not handle the fragile goods properly, which resulted in the delivery of damaged goods to your company.

We are extremely sorry for this mistake, and we are ready to exchange all the damaged goods immediately. As compensation for your delayed sales, we are sending a refund cheque with this letter, which is equivalent to 15% of the order amount. Further, we have issued a warning to the packaging department manager as well.

We hope that this will resolve the issue, and we will continue having a good relationship with your company. We apologize again for our mistake.

Thank you for your understanding.


John Wilson.

Damaged goods complaint response letter

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