Complaint Letter about Free Access to Car Parking


This letter lodges an official remonstrance against free access to the parking of cars in [XYZ]. This locality is always embedded with a flood of people and its streets are very small. Parking was allowed only to the locals of this area but only in emergencies. For the past few weeks, there have to be seen many other vehicles that are being parked in this area. It is becoming the cause of a lack of space for its residents. We are facing many difficulties when heavy bus and truck tries to pass through these streets.

Similar complaints have been lodged to higher authorities, but nothing was done in this regard. This is not only the resident’s problem but the people who pass through this for commuting face the same situation. It leads to traffic jams. I hope that this complaint will be taken seriously as this matter needs immediate attention.


Please take this message as a complaint against free access to parking in New Jersey, Block C. Earlier it was used only to walk and sit for people but now there have to be seen many vehicles park there. The area is already very congested and sometimes we do not even find a place to walk properly.

Therefore, I am writing this to you to draw your attention to this matter as it is increasing day by day. People had tried on their own to complain but nothing serious was done in this regard. I am hopeful that you will seek a solution to the matter. I will wait to get a positive reply from you.


This letter serves to register a complaint regarding free access to car parking in our society’s parking in Manchester. People who are already living there face a lot of issues due to this and they do not even find space for their own vehicles in the parking area. I had already written a complaint regarding this, but it was not considered seriously.

I know well that this road is a busy one and has a parking shortage, but it doesn’t mean that the real owners of this area will not find space to park their vehicles. I had given warnings to many outsiders to remove their vehicles from here but they asked for the official order. Therefore, I want you to send related documents to us as soon as possible.


This letter is being penned to lodge a complaint against the unlicensed parking of cars on Michigan, street 8. Due to narrow streets and dense population, it is becoming very difficult for residents of this area to move easily. We want an immediate solution to this matter

Therefore, it is our humble request to retrograde with official documents affixed to it as a solution and proof. We had already raised a voice regarding this, but no solution was given to us. We all are facing a serious problem due to this. I hope that you will consider our situation so that we may also be able to park our cars there. Thank you so much for understanding and supporting us.


I am writing this letter to you to make an official fulmination. The area I live in consists of small roads and parking is allowed for those only who live here. I lodge my complaint against bus and car drivers who park anywhere on the road and thus become the cause of blocking the one-way road.

This is not the first time that I am writing about the same problem. This is not only the problem of the residents of this area. But it also causes trouble for other travelers who use this road, and they have to wait for thirty minutes to move their vehicle. Thus, this is making the people late for their work appointments too.

In case an ambulance or police car passes through this road and does not find the way what would you do in this regard? I hope that you will give kind consideration to my complaint and take action.


Dear Mr. Manette, I am Sherman Hughes, and live in Manchester, Street 24, Block ABC. I have already written to you many times to draw your attention towards a serious matter but each time I was not responded to satisfactorily.

The area where I live is a very busy road and hundreds of vehicles pass through there daily. It has a parking area, but it is only allowed by the people of this society. But the situation is becoming very critical now as we see other cars and buses parking in this area which is becoming the major cause of traffic jams. We have to wait a long in the queue.

Due to this children do not reach school timely and we daily receive complaints from their school. I request you to please do something in this regard and take serious action. Waiting to get a positive reply from you soon.

Complaint Letter about free access to car parking

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