Termination Letters for Misbehaving with Female Staff


Dear Mr. Howard, this letter serves as a notice of termination for behaving badly with our senior female staff member. Ms. Ifra was working as an assistant executive for the past 10 years in XYZ corporation. The company is agreed to terminate you for the post of sales executive after your misbehavior with female staff members.

You have been doing this for the past few months and we were noticed. You have been kept under observation and now we have come up with a decision based on which we will terminate you.

Miss Lexi, director of the accounts department, you behaved uncompassionately with her and abused her using a harsh tone. You are also involved in making wrong elegances with some of our newly appointed female staff members and it has dilapidated the esteem of the company. You have also been convicted of animosities with lower staff members and have ill-treated them.

A complaint has been registered against you by your coworkers detailing your behavior. I had been informed many times about your heartless attitude towards female employees.

Despite giving countless counseling sessions and hard efforts you didn’t show any change in your behavior. You have also been given many warnings, but you ignored them each time.

Our last meeting was held on 8th February, and you assured us that such kind of acts will not be repeated in the future. But, despite all this, we didn’t receive any fruitful results from your side.

We cannot bear this kind of attitude in the organization and anything that goes against the company’s policy is considered misconduct.

For the same reason, we have issued a termination letter to you. We expect our male members to behave politely with their female coworkers and we cannot compromise in this matter. The only option we were left with was to terminate you. You will be provided the salary for this month. In case you have any queries regarding it, then you can let us know.

Termination Letter for Misbehaving with Female Staff


The purpose of penning this writer is to let you notify of your termination from the organization on account of your misconduct towards female coworkers. With immediate effect, the decision of termination has been implemented.

This decision has not been taken suddenly but it has been taken after going through the company’s activity policies. It was the need of the hour for us to terminate you because you were given numerous verbal warnings, but despite all this, you didn’t show any good outlook. You, again and again, violated the company’s policies. You know that the company is very strict regarding its policies, and they must be followed at any cost. These policies are the same for everyone, and no differentiation can be made in this regard.

If someone fails to cope with the organization’s rules and regulations, then it proves hazardous for the organization as well as its employee’s reputation. The administration is authoritative in taking any decision regarding termination and no objection can be raised in this regard.

If you have companies’ laptop, car, or computer in your possession you are requested to please return them to the accounts office. You must keep this in mind that despite termination you need to keep the confidentiality of the organization.

You will be given your salary for this month and this resoluteness is Irretrievable.


Dear Mr. Kelvin, this letter aims to inform you about your termination from the post of sales executive at ABC organization. The administration has made the decision of terminating you after perceiving your behavior for the past few months. We are terminating you based on the following points that lead us to take this decision.

You behaved ruthlessly again and again with our clients, and you were not committed to female staff members regarding companies selling policy. It has put drastic effects on the company’s reputation. You ill-treated Miss Jane for personal services and exploited her. You are also accused of treating badly with your female coworkers.

Your casual attitude had also been under surveillance by your supervisor, and you were given many warnings and counseling sessions but you didn’t make any change in your attitude. You were also coming late to the office despite being given many warnings.

In the meeting held on 12th February, you assured me that you will not repeat any of the above-mentioned behavior. But I am sorry to inform you that you didn’t show us any improvement.

This act has been considered serious misconduct in our organization and for the same reason immediate expulsion was made against you. We are very concerned about our employee’s conduct in the organization and its reputation is very important to us. Anything that hampers the enterprise’s reputation we cannot compromise on it.

Keeping this in mind we had no option left but to issue a termination letter against you. For any queries and questions, you can contact the HR department.

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