Complaint Letter against the Class Environment

Re. Complain about the bad class environment.

Dear Ms. Ifra Gull, I am [Name], the mother of [Name of the student]. My son studies in grade [GRADE] at your school. He is new to this school and has been facing adjustment issues for several days. However, with the ultimate cooperation of the teachers, he is adjusted to the school. He is also going along with the school’s work pace and working hard to make a good position in his class.

I am also satisfied with his performance in his studies. However, I want to bring your attention to a persistent problem with the class environment. My son complained many times of a strange and pungent smell in the class, which caused a headache. He has been complaining of a continuous headache for more than a week.

Therefore, I report this complaint to you and expect an immediate solution. I certainly believe that hygiene is important for students prior to their studies. Therefore, we should work on a healthy studying environment as much as we focus on the brilliant performance of the students. Research proved that the ambiance directly impacts the performance of the students and workers.

Another problem I personally have witnessed on your campus is the lack of cleanliness. I suggest the school administration invest in techniques and cleaning equipment to keep the campus clean. I hope you will consider my complaint worthy of immediate attention and solve the cleanliness problems in the school.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.



Complaint Letter against the Class Environment

(Sample -2)

Re. Complaining about the Poor Class Ambiance of Grade [#]

Dear Mr. [Name],

I am [Name of the person writing] from the department of Resource Management and Quality Assurance (RMQA). Our manager visited your school under the quality assurance project of school education in [Name of the city]. It was an uninformed visit in which we looked into the prerequisites of good ambiance for students.

Our department of Resource Management and Quality Assurance (RMQA) works on the quality of education delivery and looks into a healthy environment in which students can perform well. A healthy environment includes tidiness and using intoxicants to avoid contamination of diseases. In the post-COVID era, it has been put into the basic laws for school education to look into the school ambiance from a susceptible point of view. Therefore, our department checks for the implementation of laws for school-going students’ health.

As your school is a Montessori branch, the management is expected to focus on a clean and dust-free environment. However, when our official visited, he found out that the playing lounge for the kids was not completely tidy. It had dust on the chairs, and flies were seen in the area. You should use treatment to prevent pest infestation in the areas prone to insects.

Moreover, the screenplay hall was also not completely dusted out. It had dust on its chairs and other items lying around. Kids at this level usually tend to touch each item in the hall. There is a high risk of kids taking germs into their bodies and getting sick from the contamination. We request you focus on a clean environment; otherwise, departmental penalties shall be charged.

Another important point is the location of the branch. This branch of the school is located in an area jam-packed with industries and factories emitting huge fumes of smoke into the air. Due to the dirty environment, students of this school can get sick with diseases related to the throat, lungs, and skin. You are suggested to look for other proper locations of the school and shift to a healthier environment.

We expect immediate action to discard the poor environment. We are looking forward to visiting you in the near future. Thank you.






Complaint Letter against the Class Environment

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