Soccer Kit Sponsorship Request Letter

Re. Request for the Sponsorship of Soccer Kit

Dear Manager, [Name of the soccer club] writes to request the sponsorship of a soccer kit for their soccer team. We are hosting a soccer game at our [Name of the clubhouse], where many teams will play soccer matches. During these days, teams shall be staying with us.

As the teams belong to different states and backgrounds, it is high time for brands and businesses to market themselves by getting involved in the game and showing their presence. It can be done in various ways, and one of them is by sponsoring soccer kits and other playing equipment.

Therefore, we are writing to request that you sponsor soccer kits for our team. It will help our team grow and get work with you and provide you with a chance to market your business. One of the fresh trends that have been followed by the new businesses is to get involved in such events and look for opportunities to put their name on the board.

We request you look at the budget range we have provided as an attachment to this letter. If you agree to sponsor the soccer kit, please let us know by writing an email of confirmation. You can also confirm your sponsorship by calling us at [phone number]. It is certain that this sponsorship will widen the marketing strategy of your business and will catch people’s eyes.

We can discuss this further after the confirmation of sponsorship. Please let us know of your decision before [date]. You can also submit a brief proposal letter of sponsorship, and then we can arrange a meeting to proceed further. Contact us at [phone number] or write to us at [email address] if you have questions.

Thank you.


Soccer kit sponsorship request letter

(Sample -2)

Subject: Request for Sponsorship of Soccer Team Equipment

To whom it may concern,

Our team manager is looking for sponsors to sponsor the soccer team equipment for the soccer match series 20AB starting in August-[YEAR]. Several teams will participate in this match, including [Name of the teams from different areas]. This can prove to be a great opportunity for businesses like yours to widen the audience and reach of your brand.

We request you sponsor soccer shirts for the team members of this play playing on behalf of our state. These series shall be broadcasted on famous TV sports channels and live on YouTube and Facebook. This reflects the importance of branding and marketing at such an important event.

The budget can be negotiated after the submission of a brief proposal from you, including all the details related to this project. If you are interested in sponsoring the soccer shirts and balls, we can further discuss and configure them accordingly. The project will benefit both parties; hence, it can be considered a combined IFI project.

We are looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest. We can also schedule a meeting if you want. Contact us for anything at [phone number] or [email]. Thank you.

Please find attached the budget analysis explained.



Soccer kit sponsorship request letter

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