Complaint Letter for Rude Behavior of Clerk

I wish to lodge a formal complaint against your clerk’s rudeness at the workplace. I have noticed him several times. He doesn’t pay due attention to customer queries and seems to be in a hurry while dealing with customers’ queries. He exhibited the same rudeness to me on [date], so I have been forced to write you this complaint letter.

On [date], I had to visit your branch to replace equipment. The dealing clerk was [name], and I was fourth in the queue. My turn was due in ten minutes, but it didn’t come even after passing 20 minutes. I looked through the window when I found him busy on his cell phone. He was unaware of his surroundings and customers.

I asked him in a humble tone to resolve the customers’ problems before phone calls. He replied angrily that he was not bound to act upon the pieces of advice. He also shouted at me that I had to wait patiently; otherwise, I had better go back. I was feeling broken heart at that time because I had never faced such rude behavior from any of your branch crew.

My dear, rudeness is something that may prove hazardous at all times. A good organization never compromises on customer care and you must run your business on the same footing. Prior to the induction of your staff, you must train them on how to deal with all the customers in a delightful manner. I am afraid that if your clerk persists with the same rude attitude, it may result in running off your reliable clients.

Now, this is my humble request to take serious steps regarding this issue. You must treat your clerk keeping in view the severity of the matter or alternatively, teach him etiquettes of dealing with customers.

I am not forwarding my complaint to higher authorities thereby giving him a chance to rectify his behavior. However, if I notice that your clerk’s attitude has not changed despite this complaint, I will never buy anything from your store. In addition, I will force my family and friends not to shop from your store. Consequently, you may fave heavy loss.

I  hope you will give due consideration to my complaint.

Sample -2

Subject: Complaint about the rude behavior of clerk [NAME] at [X].

Dear Sir,

I hope you will be fine. I am sending you this complaint letter against your office clerk’s rude behavior. My son is a professional boxer and has been representing his club for the last two years. After announcing the youth festival program by the ministry of sports, my son insisted that he would also participate in the upcoming boxing tournament. A registration form was needed in this regard.

I took a short leave from my workplace yesterday and reached your office at 10 a.m. I requested your clerk to give me the registration form, but he responded very rudely. I want you to know that I have become a victim of your clerks’ rudeness which is very sad.

As I entered your office premises, I noticed your clerk was busy gossiping with someone on a cell phone. Since I had taken a short from my office, I requested him to provide me with the registration form as soon as possible. He replied harshly and told me to come after 30 minutes. I was angry, but I couldn’t say to my nerves, and we went there for 30 minutes with patience.

When I visited his office after 30 minutes, I was surprised to know that your clerk had gone to his home. The painful thing was that he left all the curies of customers unresolved and left the office before 3 hours of closing time. This thing made me very annoyed.

Dear Sir, I request you to take severe action against this act of negligence. You represent a trustworthy government organization, but the persons like your clerk defame its name. This kind of rudeness is unacceptable, and such rotten eggs should be discarded as soon as possible.

Apart from it, I also request you to train your clerical staff on how to deal with the customers before their induction. It will be beneficial for you in the future as well.

For now, I am keeping this matter to myself only. If I notice the same level of embarrassment in your office, the complaint will be sent to the highest authorities, and in that case, you must be ready to face the consequences.

Complaint letter for rude behavior of clerk

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