Warning Letter for Leaving Workplace without Permission

This warning letter is being issued after your manager has lodged a complaint against you. He informed through the online complaint portal that you left the office premises without permission on [date]. He also added that you have been doing it habitually. This information made me heartbroken because I have never expected this kind of behavior from your side at least.

I regret to say that your unethical behavior has resulted in the production of poor-quality work. Late submission of certain important projects affected the company name in a negative way.

This is not the first time you are being addressed like this. The company issued you warning letters on various other occasions but regretfully you have failed to change your behavior. The stance of the company in this regard is very clear.

As per directions issued by the management, no employee can leave the office premises without prior permission from the manager. Being the most senior employee of the company does not mean that you can do whatever you want to do. You had to set an example before your juniors. In contrast, you are presenting a distorted image of the company before them which is highly unacceptable.

It is brought to your notice that we have created a positive image in society after a lot of struggles. Only those employees will be retained who follow the code and conduct of the company in letter and spirit. You must know that in past we have been dealing with these kinds of problems in a strict manner. Considering your long service for the company we are not taking any serious action against you this time.

Remember, this will be for the last time, and you must consider this warning letter as a final one. In the future, if you are found indulged in any malpractice then that will be your last day in this company.

I hope you will take this warning letter seriously and bring positive changes in your behavior. Otherwise, you must be ready to face the consequences, whatever these may be.

I am waiting for a positive response from your side.

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Subject: Warning for leaving workplace without permission

Dear Jackson,

This is an official warning letter that is being sent to you on account of violating the company’s disciplinary policy. It was brought to our notice through your manager that you left the office premises without permission on [date]. It is for your information that this kind of behavior is regarded as misconduct. A good organization like ours does not tolerate this kind of working attitude executed by its employees.

The company management has designed a very clear disciplinary policy regarding such issues. It has been stated in clear words that no employee can leave the workplace without seeking permission from the concerned authority.

This policy is meant to be followed by each and every employee of the company regardless of scale and post. Since our inception, we aim to provide a clean and conducive working environment to our employees. This is only possible when every employee shall abide by the rules and code of conduct of the company.

Since you are the most senior employee of this company, it is your moral duty to convey a positive message to your juniors. You must have informed your immediate boss before leaving the office premises. Unfortunately, you failed to do so which shows your negligence and non-professional approach to your work.

Because of your habitual and uninformed disappearance from the office, it was decided in the monthly meeting that you must be terminated. But then, keeping in consideration your long service to the company, the CEO decided to put you on suspension for a period of 90 days.

During this period, your attitude towards work will be monitored. If you do not refrain from such malpractices, a termination letter will be mailed to you without any prior notice.

However, we still believe in your potential and hope that you will rectify your behavior as soon as possible. You are requested to show us some improvement in your behavior. We are waiting for a positive response from you.

If you have any ambiguity regarding any clause of company disciplinary policy, feel free to contact us anytime.

Warning Letter for Leaving Workplace without Permission

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