Complaint Letter to Boss about Co-Worker’s Behavior

Letter -1

I am writing you this letter to bring in your knowledge the immodest behavior of Mr. Smith. The day he has joined our team, he has been repeatedly passing disturbing comments over me. I have been continuously ignoring his behavior but now I believe it’s high time that I should report the same to you.

His behavior is causing me upset. I have persistently tried to talk to him regarding his behavior but unfortunately, Mr. Smith did not co-operate with me. This has led me to talk to you about writing to make a way out of the situation.

I request you to investigate this matter personally and devise a positive solution of it. Hope to receive a positive response from you.


Letter -2

Complaint letter to boss about coworker's behaviorI am writing this letter to discuss Mr. John’s unusual behavior at the office. He has become habitual of entering others cabin at a time when the person himself is not present there. He not only uses other employees’ belongings but also steals them.

I have observed it at many occasions but have continuously ignored it. As for now, his behavior is getting irritable. Before it leads to anything serious, I decided to make you aware of all the situation so that you may take preventive steps.

Hope to hear positive from you.

Letter -3

Complaint letter to boss about coworker's behaviorI am writing you to bring in your kind attention Mr. Jam’s attitude. He has innumerable times caused disturbance due to his interfering nature. He is always ready to poke his nose in others matters. As an employee, I understand that suggestions do play a vital role in key development, but Mr. Jam’s continuous interference has now become irritable for me.

I thereby felt the need of informing you about his behavior and want you to take steps to avoid them in future. I sincerely hope to receive a positive reply from you.


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