Warning Letters to Tenant for Various Reasons

Warning letter to a tenant for noise

I am writing this letter to notify you that I have received several complaints about frequent noise coming from your apartment. This is a violation of our rental agreement which clearly states that the other residents of the building should not be disturbed by any kind of undesirable noise coming from your unit. It is, therefore, your responsibility to keep the level of noise in your apartment under control.

It is expected that you will consider this matter seriously. If I receive more complaints about you in the future, I will be compelled to take serious action by initiating the eviction process.

Warning letter to a tenant for cleanliness

I would like to bring an important matter to your notice regarding the cleanliness and maintenance of your leased premises. Two months have passed since you signed our lease agreement and moved into the building. It has been observed that you have not maintained the cleanliness of your apartment during these two months. Other tenants have also reported the messy condition of your premises.

In general, here are the main problems. Firstly, you do not take out your trash on a timely basis. As a result, the building is filled with a stinky odor. Disposal of your trash is very important to maintain a clean as well as a healthy environment. I have also received complaints that you hosted a party on 14th April but did not bother to clean up afterward for an entire week. Soda cans and empty bags of chips were found littering outside your door while confetti and food crumbs were spread across the common stairs.

I must remind you about our lease agreement which includes the maintenance of cleanliness as an important clause. It is your responsibility to clean up promptly after hosting a party. In addition, you must maintain the overall tidiness of your rented premises. Particularly, your front door and the common stairs should always be clean.

I hope you give this important matter your full consideration and show cooperation. As a tenant of the building, you must contribute towards the overall cleanliness by maintaining your own unit.

Warning letter to tenant for cleanliness

Warning letter to a tenant for a parking violation

I am writing this letter to notify you that you are in violation of paragraph 15 of our lease agreement which states that you cannot use the parking space reserved for the other tenants of the building. I have been receiving frequent complaints since the time you purchased a second vehicle. You have been taking up the space of other tenants, causing them inconvenience.

According to the lease agreement, you have been allotted parking space for only one vehicle due to the limited availability of parking space. Any other vehicles you own must be parked on the plot adjacent to our building where one of our guards has been stationed to ensure security. You must adhere to these conditions of our agreement.

I expect you to take this issue seriously and stop causing further inconvenience to the other tenants. Future complaints will force me to take serious action which may include eviction proceedings.

Warning letter to tenant for parking violations

Warning letter to a tenant for late payment

This letter is to inform you that your rent is overdue. According to our rental agreement, you must make the payment on the first of every month. However, five days have elapsed since the 1st of this month without any payment from you. I am giving you 3 more days to clear your dues. If you fail to comply, I will be compelled to take legal action against you.

In case you are going through any special circumstances, you may request an extension of the payment date. You must apply for this purpose within the next 3 days.

I expect to hear from you soon. Your cooperation will be appreciated since I do not wish to resort to any extreme measures such as an eviction suit. Call me at the number mentioned below for further questions.

Warning letter to tenant for late payment

Warning letter to a tenant for drug use

I have received complaints from two of your neighbors about the suspected use of illegal drugs in your rented unit. I must remind you that section 8 of our lease agreement states that all kinds of narcotics drugs are banned from use on the premises of this building. Therefore, if any evidence of illegal drug use is found in your unit, you will be evicted with immediate effect.

Any future complaints will compel me to inspect your rented premises without prior notice. You are therefore advised to abstain from the use of drugs to avoid strict action against you.

Warning letter to tenant for drug use

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