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Dear Hiring Manager,

I am happy to apply for the position of Bookkeeper at (name of the shop). After my graduation, I have done various jobs in my career. However, my job at (name of the shop) has always been my favorite.

I have an experience of (no of years) as I have worked as a bookkeeper at (name of the shop) from (date/year) to (date/year). It was fun for me to work as a bookkeeper as I love mathematics therefore, I also love to keep records of all the finances. It is often said keeping a record of all the finances often defines whether if a business is going to experience success or the failure. I, therefore, with all the previous experience of my work as a bookkeeper consider myself to be perfect for the job. I look forward to meeting your staff.

Speaking of my previous experience as a bookkeeper I was always praised for my work. I am a diligent and hardworking person. I always like to do my work with complete perfection. I always tried to pay close attention to little details which helped the (name of the company) in reducing their expenses and improve their income.

I have a very friendly nature. This helps me in getting along very well with my colleagues and the other team members. I often had to deal with other administrators as a part of my job. I was often praised by them also for my hardworking and flexible nature. I graduated from (name of the university) in (name of the subject) but later my love for mathematics forced me to do a major in (name of the subject). I excel in the task of bookkeeping because of my master’s degree in (name of the subject). It is my love for mathematics and my hard work that has fully prepared me for my lifelong career in the field as a bookkeeper.

At last, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the job as a bookkeeper at (name of the shop or the company). (name of the company) is undoubtedly one of the growing names and I would like to play my part in making this company a success. My education and skills acquired by an experience of (no of years) in (name of the previous company) would definitely come in handy. I look forward to meeting you in the interviews. If you have any query, please contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for bookkeeper

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