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Dear Hiring Manager,

Greetings. I am writing this cover letter for the position of Bartender at (name of the shop). I am a person with passion who likes to serve others. I feel happiness in serving people. The smile on their face after they receive my drink is priceless. I love innovation and thus, I love to create new drinks with different and unique taste. I have an experience of (no. of years) as I have served as a bartender in (name of the shop). Moreover, I have also served as a bartender in (name of the place), (name of the place), (name of the place). I was well-liked by all my colleagues and the manager. My drinks were also very famous among my costumers.

All of my collective experience of (no of years) make me a perfect candidate for this new position of a bartender in your company as I see that most of the clients at (name of the shop) would have similar interests to the clients I have previously served in the places mentioned above.

As (name of the place) is famous for business meetings among the professionals and the paraprofessionals whereas (name of the place) is famous for casual parties and hangouts. Similarly, (name of the shop) is popular among the office colleagues as well as among the families and friends. I have worked in each shop for over two years and thus, I have enough experience of making drinks for every type of person and the gathering.

I often say that making a drink is simply more than just random mixing. It is an art. It takes both time and patience along with close observation of the customer. This guessing of the likes and dislikes by mere seeing and judging the personality of the customer is the essential requirement for being a good bartender. I am proud to state here that I have mastered this art and hence I excel in reading a person’s personality deducing their likes and dislikes.

I love cleanliness and thus, I paid special attention to the cleanliness of the counter and ensured food safety by implementing an internal food safety audit. During my service as a bartender, I have invented several new drinks which get along well with the new trend of salt with caramel topped with chocolate. I sometimes used to add sprinkles to make it colorful thus making it a treat to the eye as well as the mouth. I have an extrovert nature thus; I get along well with my colleagues. This nature of mine along with my expertise have brought me many praises during my job as a bartender. Finally, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application. I look forward to visiting your establishment and learning more about the current staff and their duties. For any further query, you are welcome to contact me on the details mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover Letter for Bartender

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