Cover Letter for Store Manager

I am happy to apply for the position of Store Manager at (name of the store). I recently came across a brochure that stated that your store was looking for a diligent person for the position of Manager for the new branch of your brand (name of the brand). I quickly sat to write this application because I knew this was my chance to prove my skills by managing a high brand store.

I would also like to congratulate you for opening a new branch in (name of the place or state). This expansion of your brand would prove to be a great move as the majority of the people who reside in (name of the place or area) love (name of the brand). But unfortunately, as the brand had no store in (name of the area) people had to either go to (name of the other place or area) to buy clothes or they had to simply rely on a friend or a relative who might have to go to (name of the place) for bringing them their required pieces of clothing. Therefore, I consider it a great move for expanding your business in an area where people are already a fan of your brand.

The expansion of the store also means that you would require a new team for running the store smoothly. Recruitment for new employees is for sure a difficult process. It requires a lot of research and effort. I am proud to state here that I am fully capable of completing this procedure. I have worked as a manager for a number of different brands. These brands include (name of the brand), (name of the brand) and (name of the brand). I have helped in the recruitment of new staff many times, therefore; I am quite familiar with the steps of this procedure. I assure you that with my skills and knowledge I would make this recruitment a piece of cake for the brand.

Speaking of my skills and expertise I have been responsible for carrying out several other tasks during my tenure as a manager of (name of the store or brand). These responsibilities included managing all the employees and assigning them their daily tasks. I also kept a record of the total absentees of any employee and used to follow strict company rules over the matter. I also oversaw the timings for opening and closing of the store both daily and on special occasions. I was vigilant in looking into the customer complains and rectify them as soon as possible. My biggest priority was giving customers complete satisfaction because I believe keeping customers happy is the key to increasing sales and running the store smoothly. 

Some of my other duties as a Manager included management of payrolls of each employee and auditing timesheets.

I not only am skilled enough for the job but I also am a great fit for the job as a manager because of my educational background. I have completed my bachelor’s from (name of the university) in (state the year of degree completion). I completed my bachelors in (name of the degree) with major in (name of the subject), (name of the subject) and (name of the subject). After the completion of my bachelor’s, I did my masters in (name of the degree) from (name of the university). After the completion of my studies, I also did an internship in (name of the store) for (time duration) before getting my first job at (name of the store). I worked as the manager of the store for (number of years).

At last, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Manager at (name of the store). I look forward to sharing my previous experience with you. I firmly believe that with all my expertise and skills I can be a valuable member of the team at (name of the brand/ store). For any further queries please contact me on the details mentioned.

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