Cover Letter for Marketer

I am pleased to write this cover letter for the position of Marketer at (name of the company /brand). I am a diligent individual with a vast experience of (no of years) up my sleeve. I have been working as a Marketing Manager for most of my life. I recently left my job due to health issues as my company (name of the company) was far away from my residence at (name of the place). I was restricted by my doctor to not make long travels frequently.

Therefore, when I came upon the brochure released by your company that you needed a person for the position of Marketer, I knew this was my chance to shine. I hereby would like to state here that I have complete confidence that I not only fulfill the eligibility criteria set by your company but also, I have more than the qualification required for the position of Marketer.

Speaking of my qualification I have done my graduation from (name of the university). I did my bachelor’s degree in (name of the subject). I was the gold medalist of my batch. I was awarded a gold medal and an internship opportunity in well-known multinational cooperation. The internship proved to be of great importance as it was my first ever professional experience in the field.

Working with the experience, I came to know that I need to do a Master’s in (name of the degree or subject) to excel in the Marketing field. Therefore, after the completion of my internship, I took admitted to (name of the university) to do my Master’s in (name of the subject).

My professors at my university were very fond of my intellectual level. They helped me in building my confidence level. After completing my master’s I applied in (name of the company) for the position of Marketer. Due to my previous experience and high qualification I was offered the position

Over the course of my job at (name of the company), I was very well-liked by my colleagues and seniors. The work I did for (name of the company) included advertisements for several campaigns for the company itself. I was accountable for choosing the target audience to maximize the response rate.

I was successfully able to double the response rate within the first few months. My skills in developing a relationship with the client, based on trust, helped me a lot during my job. I have always had this desire to serve the community through innovative strategies. Therefore, I used several new platforms for advertising campaigns.

The one thing that I have learned from my previous job is that only a person who is open to accepting changes can survive in the field. Hence, I always keep a keen eye on the ever-changing trends in the marketing field because only by staying up to date a marketer can excel in his job.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application. Due to my experience of (no of years) in the field along with my education feel that I am the best candidate for the job. I look forward to seeing you in the interviews. I am also keen to share my experiences in the marketing field with you and your employees.

I have also attached my previous job experience letter as proof of the cover letter. For any queries please feel free to contact me on the details mentioned.

Cover Letter for the Position of Marketer

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