Cover Letter for the Position of Event Planner

I am writing this cover letter for the position of Event planner at (name of the company). I have always been interested in planning and executing events from early childhood. I still remember I used to organize tea parties with my friends and later when I was older, I was always excited for the birthdays of my friends. I would plan and organize the complete event and give a surprise to the birthday boy/girl. I loved to see the happiness on their faces when they would come to know that everything in the event was organized according to their taste from the very small things i.e. the color of balloons to the types of deserts.

In high school I was made the prefect of the class. I was responsible for organizing class schedules and events. I loved my duty as a Prefect. My classmates and teachers were also very satisfied with my performance.

I have always felt an inner satisfaction after I execute an event successfully. Even at my university, I had joined 3 clubs. I was the event head of all those 3 societies. Although my experience at university was different than school I enjoyed it. In university, I had to organize events on a larger scale. I have organized farewell parties, sports activities, seminars, and conferences.

I was fortunate enough to be considered as the Event head of an international conference held in our university auditorium. I was awarded several certificates for my performance in the plethora of events I had organized.

Speaking of my education I am proud to state here that I am not only skilled enough for this position of Event planner at (name of the company) but also, I am highly qualified. I have done my graduation in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I have passed (name of the subject) with distinction. Due to remarkable performance in my graduate studies, I was awarded a fully-funded scholarship for my postgraduate studies. I took admission in (name of the university) for my Masters in (name of the subject). I was awarded a gold medal at the convocation of my postgraduate degree.

I did my master’s project with (name of the company). They were so satisfied with my performance that they offered me a position of Assistant to the Event planner at their company. During my tenure at (name of the company) as an assistant Event planner, I was responsible for several tasks. These tasks included long meetings with the clients, recording all their requirements, giving them the best suitable options to choose from, calculating the total budget and if the budget was higher than their expectation I was accountable for cutting it down to their desire while removing extra items.

Event planning is not like the traditional 9 to 5 office job. It is a complete 24-hour job 7 days a week. I had to stay available for the client whenever they desired to have the meeting. I was also responsible for making a booking for the event, finalizing the menu, looking after the decoration, making the guest list, making and sending the invitations individually to each guest and above all I made sure that the event was secured so I always hired security from a reputable private security organization.

I have a habit to pay attention to every detail. I always strive for client satisfaction. I make sure that all the demands of the clients are met so that the event runs smoothly and ends without a hitch. I am quite sure that my sense of creativity and my positive attitude makes me a great fit for this position of Event planner at (name of the company). I would like to thank you for your time and consideration of my application for the position of Event planner at (name of the company). I look forward to meeting you and the other employees in your company.


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Cover letter for the position of Event planner
Cover letter for the position of an Event planner

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