Cover Letter for the Position of Financial Analyst

I am excited to apply for the position of Financial Analyst at (name of the company). I came to know about this position of Financial Analyst through an advertisement. I would say I was quite surprised to see that the advertisement asked for any person to apply who has an experience of more than (number of years). I was happy to see that your company despite being a big name in the industry is trusting the youth.

The company is giving the people skills a chance to show their capabilities and the usual hurdle of having an experience of so many years was not an issue for applying. Not many companies give people a chance and I would like to appreciate this move of yours. You are not only helping the youth but also the country. You have started a new move and many people in the near future are going to copy it because the energy and passion the youth has for work cannot be replaced by a lifelong experience and this is the reason companies prosper more if they give the youth of their companies better chances.

Speaking of my experiences and abilities I have experience working as an assistant to Financial Analyst. During the tenure of my job, I was responsible for carrying out a plethora of tasks.

I was responsible for analyzing the financial information and generate a forecast for the business industry depending upon the economic conditions. I kept a close eye on the bonds and the stock market. This helped me in making informed decisions about investment. It also assists me in making these decisions at the correct time.

I have worked from (year) to (year) in the section (name of the section) of (name of the company). Later from (year) to (year), I was moved to the (name of the section) to provide my services.

In (name of the department) I was responsible for gathering the information from different sources, checking the information for its authenticity and re-evaluating the information to find any missing pieces. I was also responsible for writing and managing reports and spreadsheets. I also assisted the company in examining the possibility of a deal and its future effects on the company. I was always praised for my hardworking nature by the Manager of the company.

Moreover, I believe that the success of a Financial Analyst lies in the fact that how successful he is in processing and analyzing the provided information for making a profitable investment.

I am not only good at my analytical skills but I also am good at my communication skills. I have very good decision-making power. I am a very detail-oriented person. I use my mathematical skills with my experience in the field in making sensible and profitable decisions. I am also well aware of the current software and technology used for financial analysis. I have worked on projects single-handedly as well as I have experience of working in teams.

During my tenure as a Financial Analyst, I was responsible for leading two teams. I am proud to state that under my leadership skills the company made a remarkable profit.

I am not only highly skilled but also, I am highly educated. I have completed my graduation in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I was the topper of my batch, therefore; I got a full-tuition wavier for my MS studies. I completed my MS in (name of the subject) from (name of the university).

I would like to extend my gratitude to you for considering my application for the position of Financial Analyst at (name of the company). I would love to know more about your company and the rules and regulations employees have to follow. I am eager to know about the responsibilities a Financial Analyst has in your company (name of the company). I look forward to meeting and your employees.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for the position of Financial Analyst

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