Cover Letter for the Position of Legal Intern

I am very pleased to write this cover letter for the position of Legal Intern at (name of the company or firm). I would like to congratulate you on the recent success of your firm in the famous case of (name of the case). The day when the result was announced by the court, I cannot tell you how happy I was. This case of (name of the case) was undoubtedly one of the most famous cases of the year. The result of this case was highly awaited by almost everyone in the town.

I am extremely glad that your firm (name of the firm) won the case. Your victory has made sure that no one in the world would again try to use the law for their own benefit. You have once again proved that the law is there for the protection of the people and not for the protection of the culprits. You have become a source of inspiration for many including myself.

I have been reading about your firm since it has come into the spotlight mainly because of the case (name of the case). I read many interviews with the Manager of the firm. I am also fortunate enough to come across many of his articles written by himself.

I have to admit the person (name of the head of the firm) has got a splendid personality. The way in which he gives his arguments and justifications is worth viewing.

I started admiring him and it somehow developed at the back of my mind that if I was ever fortunate enough to get a chance to work under his supervision, I would definitely avail that opportunity.

When I saw the advertisement that your company was looking for a person for the position of legal intern, I knew I had to apply. It felt as if my dream was coming true. I would like to proudly state here that it is not merely because of the appreciation that I want to work for this company, but I am highly educated and equally skilled for the post.

I have a very good educational background. I have completed my graduation in (name of the subject) from (name of the university). I received a gold medal for my first position in the batch. Later I started my postgraduate studies in (name of the university).

I selected (name of the subject) as my major. This subject along with a few minor subjects has helped me a lot in improving my research and problem-solving skills. I am an extrovert by nature so although communication was never a problem for me but (name of the subject) has helped me in the improvisation of this innate skill of mine.

I also possess the required skills for the position of Legal Intern at (name of the company). I have experience working as a legal intern in (name of the company). I started my job at (name of the company) after the completion of my degree.

During the tenure of my job at (name of the company), I was responsible for carrying out several tasks. Some of these tasks included conducting extensive research on the topic in consideration.

I was also responsible for editing and proofing any material before sending it to the publisher. I was always admired for my ability to complete all the assigned tasks well before time. This desire of mine to complete tasks before the deadlines has helped me very much throughout my life. This not only saves me from unnecessary stress but also gives me ample time to re-evaluate the completed task to find and resolve any issues and mistakes.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Legal Intern at (name of the company). I am eager to meet you and your current employees. I would love to share my past experiences with you. I look forward to the interviews. For any further query please contact me on the contact details mentioned.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for the position of legal intern

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