Cover Letter for the Position of Intern

I am pleased to apply for the position of Intern at (name of the company). I recently came to know about this position through a professor and to be very honest I thought this would not be true. I would like to state here that I was over the moon when I read on your official website (name or link of the website) that your company (name of the company) is giving a chance to youth to prove their skills and abilities without disturbing their studies.

I am also a part-time student at (name of the university). I am currently doing my postgraduate degree in (name of the subject). I hope to complete this degree with very good grades and play my part in benefitting society and my country.

Managing the fee of educational institutes is definitely a very big and challenging task. I have paid my bachelor’s semester fees by working at (name of the company). I used to go to the university in the morning and in the evening, I would work in (name of the company). I am proud to state here that despite working at (name of the company) I never compromised on my grades. I completed my bachelor’s degree with distinction in (name of the subject).

My professors were very pleased with my performance and one of them actually told me about this job. He was aware of my financial situation and my passion for knowledge. He told me that if I can pay my bachelor’s fee myself and yet get good grades, I should definitely pursue my master’s degree and pay the fee myself. He was kind enough to write a letter to the Vice-chancellor of my university to reduce my tuition fee. I only have to pay half of the fee now.

Moreover, you want a person to work in the evening in your company and these times are best for me. I could attend my master’s degree classes in the morning and work at your company in the evening shift.

At my previous job in (name of the company), I was responsible for managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I have very good communication skills and my extrovert nature also helps me in getting along with everyone. I have experience carrying out assigned Tasks alone as well as in the form of teams.

I have worked as a leader of a team and also under a leader in a team thus, I not only know how to give orders and get people to complete the task but I am also well aware of listening to commands attentively and getting the task done according to the given instructions. 

I have a very diligent nature. I like to meet deadlines and complete the tasks assigned to me on time. I strive on improving myself. I am very positive about criticism. I appreciate positive criticism and note down every comment made by my supervisor so that I do not repeat the mistake in the future.

My tasks as an intern at (name of the company) included writing posts, making blogs, managing clients, keeping an eye on sales, and talking to potential customers virtually.

At the end of this cover letter, I would like to thank you for considering my application for the position of Intern at (name of the company). Although due to my previous job at (name of the company) I am very well aware of the responsibilities of an intern yet I look forward to meeting you and knowing more about the responsibilities that a person in the position of Intern has in your company.

I am also eager to meet your current employees and know more about your company and its rules and regulations. For any further details please contact me on the details mentioned.

Yours sincerely,

Name of the applicant

Cover letter for the position of intern

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