Cover letters for an Account Manager

I feel happy about applying in (name of the company). When I first saw the advertisement for the position of Account Manager in your institute I knew I had to apply. The experience of 3 years was mandatory for applying for the job, as mentioned in the description of the advertisement. Thus, I am happy to state that I have ten years of experience with me as I have served as an Account Manager in (name of the company) since (date/month/year). My letter of the experience is attached to the application form as proof.

This experience of mine has been the constant source of confidence for me as it has assisted me in improving my talent and the quality of my work. My previous company (name of the company) was very happy with my overall performance. I can build close professional relationships with the new clients on the basis of trust due to my abilities. These relationships in the long run not only proved to be of high impact but also of high value.

While performing my duties in the digital marketing agency (name of the previous company) I did a lot of different types of tasks. These tasks included managing the portfolios of many clients from the health care industries and the consumer goods industries. I also led several campaigns related to digital marketing.

My continuous efforts to grow as a better person delivered results to me. My campaigns, 20 to be exact, gave me a conversion rate of more than 40%. My strategic coordination made these campaigns a success and many pharmaceutical clients won several prestigious awards in the past decade.

Moreover, I am gratified to write that in addition to my ability to handle the current clients, I also have a very good experience of working with the business development team. I helped the team with RFPs for the new and the old clients of the healthcare vertical. I have also participated in developing the presentation strategy and in selecting the pitch team. The company got a profit of $12/- million as a result of the hard work of me and my team. I also helped in landing the most crucial clients on the list of my company’s CEO.

In the end, I would like to thank you for considering my application. I am extremely grateful to you for your time. I would like to conclude my letter by saying that I consider myself to be the perfect fit for the job of Account Manager as I have more than the required experience and a very good track record.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for an Account Manager

Sample -2

I am pleased to apply for the post of Account Manager in (name of the company). My seven years of experience in digital marketing agencies as an Account Manager has helped me in improving my talent. I, due to my experience, am now able to build a trust-based relationship with the client. These relationships are not only of high impact but also are of high value.

Speaking of my previous role as an Account Manager in (name of the company) I used to manage portfolios of more than a dozen of my clients related to the healthcare industries. I was also quite popular among my clients in the consumer goods industries.

During my professional career, I have successfully managed several digital marketing campaigns. My strategic coordination and effort delivered me results consistently. Approximately 18 of these campaigns gave on average a 12% or more conversion rate. Moreover, not only these campaigns helped in producing substantial ROI but also many pharmaceutical clients were able to win several prestigious awards from year (starting range of years) to year (end range of year).

In addition to the existing clients, I also have the experience of working with the business development team. I assisted them with RFPs for healthcare vertical clients especially those clients who have joined the company recently. Furthermore, I have developed the presentation strategy, selected the pitch team and led the follow-up efforts.

None of my efforts went wasted because as a result of my efforts approximately $11/- million were in added into the bank accounts of the company. The win rate was recorded to be 51%. The most significant win was that I was able to land 3 of my CEO’s target clients.

I would like to extend my gratitude to you for giving time and consideration to my application for the position of Account Manager at (name of the company). I am hopeful for learning more about your company (name of the company) as well as the responsibilities the Account Manager has in your company.

I have a proven track record of success. All the necessary documents that are required for proving my track record have been attached with the application form. I guarantee you that, with the type of track record I have, you would never be disappointed by me. I am not only fit for the role of Account Manager but also, I assure you that I would substantially benefit your organization.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for an Account Manager

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