Cover Letters for an Accountant

I feel happy to apply for the position of Accounting specialist at (name of the company). I was fortunate enough to get a chance to visit the facility of (name of the company). Since then I have admired your company because I loved the environment and the professional attitude of all the employees. So, when I looked at the advertisement that your company was offering a position for Accounting specialist, I was more than just happy and was looking forward to applying as early as possible. Furthermore, the job description totally matched my abilities and experience.

I am a person who is well organized and effective. I also have the ability to stay perfectly calm and composed under strict deadlines.

I am punctual and have a habit to complete the assigned tasks beforehand. As I can complete the task before the deadline, I always have extra time to recheck the files for any mistakes or errors before submission. I take my work very seriously and try my best to improve the quality of my work. Due to all of my above listed abilities, I think that the job duties mentioned in the advertisement for the position of Accountant at (name of the company) perfectly align with my skills. Moreover, my education from a reputed institute (name of the university) combined with my (number of years) experience in this field makes me a perfect fit for the job.

Speaking of my previous experience of (number of years) at (name of the company) I was acknowledged and praised for my quality of work. I have also won the employ of the year award twice in a row. I like to learn new concepts and methods. Alongside of other tasks, I was also assigned the task of managing the company’s financial statements. After compiling those statements, I used to provide them to the auditor. I basically acted as a link between the external audit team and the company’s internal department of accounting. I can proudly say never have I ever in my professional career received a complaint regarding my work.

I also have excellent conflict resolution and communication skills. These skills are the result of my role in several customer service centers before the completion of my professional degree. I am good in software relating to accounting i.e. MS word, PowerPoint and Excel. Moreover, I also have hands-on experience over several other tax and accounting software. I would like to thank you for your time and consideration of my application. Looking forward for a positive reply.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for an Accountant

Sample -2

Dear Hiring Manager,

I feel pleased to write this letter as I have always admired (name of the company). I had the honor to visit the company on (month/year). Since then I have appreciated your company for its beautiful structure and the facilities it provides to the critically ill and disabled youth. I find it to be very inspirational and other companies should also follow your steps.

When I read the description of the job in the advertisement, placed in the famous newspaper, I immediately knew that I must apply for this job not only because I like your company but also because my skills perfectly align with the job description.

I am well organized and very passionate about my work and like to complete my tasks before deadlines. I do not lose my calm nature in strict deadlines. I have an ability to work with a positive attitude and this is the reason I am always open for learning new concepts.

My education with a major in Accounting from (name of the institute) alongside my experience of five years of working as an accountant in (name of the company) serves me well for this role. Speaking more about my experience of working in (name of the company) I was always appreciated for my quality of work. Never have I ever in my professional career have received a complaint from my CEO regarding my performance. Moreover, I would proudly like to mention here that I was nominated ‘the employee of the year’ bonus thrice in a row.

My duties as an Accountant in (name of the company) included self-managing several projects, maintaining multiple ledgers, compiling the financial statements and handing them over to the audit team. I used to work as a link between the external audit team and the company’s internal department of accounting. I am also pro in using several software related to the tax and accounting. I have a professional certificate issued by Microsoft itself for my abilities in MS word, PowerPoint and Excel. My experience of working as a customer service operator in (name of the company) has groomed my skills of conflict resolution and communication skills overall.

I would like to conclude my letter by stating how thankful I am to you for your time and for considering my application for the position of Accountant at (name of the company). I am eager to work as an Accountant in your company and work with the team of your company. I have enclosed by resume with the cover letter for your reference.


Name of the applicant

Cover letter for an Accountant

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