Detailed Letter of Absence for School due to Travel

My name is Andrew, and I am a student in 9th grade at this school. This is to inform you through this letter that I need to take my twenty days off from school due to extensive traveling. My family has planned to visit famous hilly areas located in various parts of the world including Pakistan, India, China, and Africa. It requires a lot of traveling and we are expected to return within twenty days. Due to this reason, I will not be able to attend the classes. Therefore, it is my humble request to grant me permission to leave.

My father is a businessman who deals in leather goods. His business is widespread across the world. Last year, he made a promise with us to visit all the famous hilly areas in the world if my elder brother would get admission to medical college. Fortunately, my brother has managed to secure admission to the world’s best medical college. As a token of appreciation, my father announced to fulfill the promise he made to us last year.

According to the plan, our journey will start on [date]. We have also booked air tickets for this purpose, and I am also sending you copies of the air tickets along with this letter.

I know my studies will suffer due to my long absence. I will not be taking any theory or practical classes during this leave period. On the other hand, I will try my best to make up for the deficiency in my studies upon my arrival. I have discussed the whole matter with my best friend and class fellow. He has promised to give me maximum favor in this regard. Hopefully, he will provide me with complete notes of all the missing lectures and practical classes which will help me a lot to catch up.

If you grant me leave, it will be a unique opportunity for me to know about various geographical respects of the world. Also, I will share my traveling experience with my class fellows when I return. Thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

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Subject: Letter of absence due to travel

Dear Sir,

I am Anderson, a student of 10t grade in your school. I am writing this letter to inform you that I am unable to attend the classes from [date] to [date] due to traveling. The reason is that I am going abroad with my family to spend winter vacations. My uncle has been living in Canada since 2007 and the marriage ceremony of his son is being held during these winter vacations. He has cordially invited us to attend all the events of his son’s marriage.

Sir, my all relatives are scattered in different countries. We rarely meet each other and wait for such events eagerly. Since I have never met with my cousins before, this is a good opportunity for me to gather with those family members I have never seen before. Also, visiting a lot of new places will result in the creation of unique memories of my life.

I would have stayed here but my problem is that all my family members are going, and nobody is staying here. I cannot stay alone at home for security reasons. Absence for such a long period would cause a great loss to my studies. I personally feel it would be difficult for me to overcome the deficiency in my studies due to my long absence. For this reason, I have talked with my best friend and classmate who is ready to help me in this regard.

We shall discuss your lecture on a daily basis through zoom. In addition, he has also promised to provide me with all notes from your lectures. Now I am hoping to catch up with the class even during the leave period.

Our journey will start on [date] and my father has booked air tickets for us. I have also attached copies of these tickets with this letter. I hope you will grant me leave from [date] to [date]. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours obediently.

Letter of Absence for School due to Travel

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