High School Suspension Appeal Letter

I hope you will be fine. My name is Watson, and I am a student in 9th grade at your school. Yesterday, I was informed by my class teacher that I have been suspended from school for 20 days on account of violating the disciplinary policy of the school. I know I am wrong and liable to be punished but still, I wish to appeal against my suspension. I am ashamed of my actions and take full responsibility for what was done by me.

On [date], I was playing with my friends during break time. Our ball was lost, and I was searching for it. My friends instigated me to damage the sideways planting just for sake of fun. Without thinking about the possible consequences, I started plucking the leaves of tiny plants deliberately.

Meanwhile, Mr. Lee, who was on day duty, caught me red-handed while I was busy doing that shameful act. He took me and my friends before a disciplinary committee. My friends were also involved but they accused me of plucking the plant leaves and damaging the school property. After investigating the whole matter, School disciplinary committee held me responsible for breaking the rules and informed me about my punishment through a letter.

Although I deserve to be punished due to my act at the same time, I have full right to appeal against the decision of the school disciplinary committee. If the said penalty is imposed upon me, it will have a negative impact on my studies. I will not be able to attend theory as well as practical classes due to which I cannot catch up with the class.

Moreover, due to suspension, School will not award me the character certificate and consequently, no college will admit me. In short, it will ruin my career.

I have talked to the in charge of the disciplinary committee. He is agreed to Waive the punishment if you allow it. Therefore, keeping in view all the above-mentioned consequences, this is my humble request to accept my appeal and not impose the said penalty on me.

Please give me another chance to improve my behavior. I will bring considerable change in myself and promise that such kind of shameful act will not be repeated by me in the future.

Yours obediently.

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Subject: Suspension revoke request for [XYZ]

Dear Sir,

My name is Andrew. I am having roll number 123 and am a student in 10th grade in your school. I was caught red-handed while cheating during the annual exams. As a result of my shameful act, School disciplinary committee inflicted the punishment of suspension from school for 30 days. I am ashamed of what I did in my biology paper. My act is wrong, and I fully deserve this punishment, but I still want to appeal against my suspension from school.

On [date], during a biology paper, the invigilator on duty caught me red-handed while cheating through microcopies of a question. I was presented before the disciplinary committee along with my paper. The committee decided to cancel my paper along with my suspension from school for 30 days. Whatever was done was wrong, but I want to let you know that it was done because I was under pressure for a reason. My mother is a cancer patient. I could not focus on my studies because I had to stay with her in the hospital due to her illness.

My exams were around the corner, and I was not fully prepared. Therefore, I could not handle the extreme pressure of the final exam and after thinking a lot, I decided to get through it by opting for the wrong way. I know I am a wrongdoer and I take full responsibility for my actions. But, on the other hand, I want to request you not impose this penalty on me because I was compelled to do so under extreme pressure.

This suspension will affect my study career in a negative way. Owing to my discipline violation, no college will accept my admission and my whole career will be destroyed thereafter. According to the disciplinary policy of the school, if a student gets involved in any wrong activity for the first time, his punishment can be minimized or waived completely.  

I have always been a good student and getting excellent marks throughout. To err is human, considering this fact in mind, I request you accept my appeal against the suspension and waive my punishment completely. I hope you will review your decision before imposing the proposed penalty on me. Please give me another chance to rectify my mistake so that I would regain my trust.

Yours obediently.

High school suspension appeal letter

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