Email to Employee to Adhere to Company Policy

The purpose of this email is to notify you that you have failed to follow the leave policy of the company. You were informed in a previous meeting that your excessive absence without permission has increased to an alarming level and this is dangerous for your own as well as your team’s performance.

In XYZ Company, attendance is given much importance and we expect our employees to show compliance with all existing policies of the company. Unfortunately, it has been brought to my notice that you are continuously violating our leave policy and not following it.

As per our records, you have crossed the threshold level of absence during this year. According to our policy, an employee is entitled to take 25 holidays during the year. However, you have taken 40 days off and exceeded the limit. Similarly, on the 5th, 14th, and 25th dates of last month, you were absent from work without prior permission.

You have failed to change yourself despite several reprimands. Due to your unprofessionalism, the productivity of the company is decreasing day by day and we cannot tolerate it anymore. You are hereby advised to show compliance with the rules and adhere to the existing leave policy.

Jordan, unexpected problems arise in the professional life of an employee. However, you must communicate with authorities and asks for flexibility. You could have informed us if you really had a problem and were unable to attend the office. But you didn’t think it necessary and remained absent without any notice.

You are our asset and that’s why it is expected from you to work in the best interest of the company. We want you to show your extreme level of professionalism at work by adhering to the rules and policies. Otherwise, we shall be compelled to take disciplinary action against you.

I expect that you have understood the purpose of this email. You can feel free to discuss any issue which is causing your uninformed and excessive absence.


HR manager

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Subject: adhere to company policy regarding [XYZ]

Dear Jordan,

It has been brought to my notice that you are not following the attendance policy of the company. The competent authority has formulated various rules for its employees regarding attendance. If an employee violates any policy, the company will have the full right to take severe action against him. Accordingly, you have been found violating clauses no. 24 and 30 of the attendance policy.

On [date], you mentioned 8:00 am in your attendance column whereas you were 30 minutes late and arrived in the office at 8:30 am. Similarly, on another occasion, you went on a short break but it was not mentioned anywhere in the short leave register. It has been observed that you are not adhering to the attendance policy and ignoring all the warnings.

Now, it will be beneficial if you adhere to the attendance policy of the company. You are required to mark your attendance by mentioning the exact timing of your arrival. Furthermore, if you take short leave, the time of your departure and arrival must be mentioned on the leave register.

Jordan, the company has designed its attendance policy keeping in view the best possible interest of its employees. Since its implementation, it has become your responsibility to follow all prescribed rules which are mentioned in it. Apparently, failure in following the directions will lead to disciplinary action in the form of salary deduction or suspension.

It is hereby advised that you must strongly adhere to the existing attendance policy. Please follow all rules and procedures of the company. We are looking forward to seeing a positive change in your behavior from now onward.


HR manager

Email to Employee to Adhere to Company Policy
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