Warning Letter to Staff for Misuse of Money

Re. Warning for Misusing Company’s Funds 

Mr. [name], I am head of the department of the Accounts and Audit Service Section of the Company. The letter has been penned primarily to you and asks for the distribution of the message among other employees working in the section. I am writing this letter on behalf of Mr. [name], Operational Manager for the General Administration of the Company. The letter serves as a warning and reprimand for mishandling the Company’s funds. Please read the letter’s due message below and respond to us within a reasonable time.

Executive Scrutiny Committee of the Board of Financial Management, administered by the Private Firms Association of America, observed that the Company’s assets had seen a considerable spike in the deposits and amounts debited from the Company’s account. It has also been observed that the Company shall suffer a sheer stroke of financial loss in the shape of costly purchases and high-demand payments without considerable diligence and analysis. 

The department of accounts and audits is responsible for looking out for the effective financial management of the Company. All significant transactions are first permitted by the General Accounts Head Office (GAHO) of the PDFC and then followed. However, no recent important transaction has been approved by the aforementioned authority. You are required to write an answer to the inquiry for the use of funds and transaction without approval. 

In case of fraudulent transactions, the Company shall take the accounts officer, audit manager, and banking staff on edge for further inquiry. The legal wing of the federal administration of the private companies shall do legal investigations with all the procedures and take strict actions if guilty. In case of evident fraud, the Company shall terminate the mentioned employees by holding them with charged penalties for loss. 

Respond to the letter within three working days. 


[Name of the sender]

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Re. Warning for Misusing Company’s Money and Assets

Dear Mr. [Name],

The letter seeks inquiry into the matter of mishandling of the Company’s money from account no. [Mention the account no.] with the title [mention the title]. This account’s significance considers that its charge is looked after by the Senior Finance Manager of the Company and his team. 

The Company had [mention the total amount] in its aforementioned account on [mention the exact date and month]. Afterward, no transaction history was observed; however, an amount of [mention the amount] was transacted to another unknown account. 

This is contemplated to be a fraudulent action by the Company’s legal advisor. Our evaluation cell recognizes the underground transaction as a threat to the Company’s internal security system. 

We demand a smooth and fair trial of the problem and an examination of the transactions without executive approval. Moreover, the charge of the Senior Financial Manager as a Senior Auditor is also withheld till further notice. You are advised to run inquisitive operations to look into this matter and come out with the required answers with their causes. 

In case of non-compliance and unauthorized transactions, the Company shall call out fraud and theft charges against the Financial Management Team of the Company. Further non-compliance shall result in strict reprimanding actions or termination. 

Thank you.


[Name of the sender]
[company name]

Warning Letter to Staff for Misuse of Money

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