Employment Appeal Letters

Appealing a termination of employment

This is with reference to our meeting held on (date and day) regarding our Sales Manager, Mr. XYZ. As discussed in our meeting, there have been several complaints made by our female staff about XYZ’s unprofessional behavior with them. He has continued to harass his female co-workers despite an official written warning issued to him on (day and date). As his senior supervisor, I would like to make a formal appeal to the higher management to terminate XYZ owing to the above-mentioned reasons.

Our company’s policy strictly prohibits harassment of any kind. Even though no reports of physical harassment have been made about XYZ, his female colleagues feel uncomfortable in his presence due to his inappropriate and unethical behavior. Since the company strictly discourages such an attitude, he should not be allowed to be a team member of this prestigious organization.

It is hoped that the management will take my appeal into consideration. This serious issue must be addressed promptly.

Appeal letter for employment reconsideration

Thank you for your response to my job application for the post of Sales Manager at your reputable organization. I am disappointed for not selected due to my lack of hands-on experience. However, I request you to reconsider my employment application bearing in mind my qualifications, skills, and motivation.

Being among the highest achievers during my MBA program, I believe I am a strong candidate for this post. At the same time, I have done an internship at (name of organization) for 1 year. During this period, I learned a great deal about sales management. I also gained a number of valuable skills including problem-solving strategies, interpersonal skills, and analysis techniques.

All of these are important qualities for the post of Sales Manager. So, even though I don’t have the required 5 years of experience in the field, I do have ample knowledge as well as skills to be a successful and valuable asset to your organization.

I eagerly look forward to a chance to prove my mettle. I am highly driven and passionate to serve this prestigious company. Kindly give my application another thought. I shall be really grateful to you.

Disciplinary Appeal Outcome Letter

This is with reference to the disciplinary appeal made by Miss. Susan Jones regarding complaint number [#]. A meeting was conducted on (date) in order to consider her appeal against the company’s decision to terminate her for her sheer negligence at work. The disciplinary committee has thoroughly investigated the matter. The said employee must be officially informed by her supervisor about the outcome presented in this letter.

Miss Jones had been assigned the task of dispatching consignment number 123 to the client on the 23rd of June. As part of her duty, she had to ensure the proper packaging of the goods. However, according to the facts presented to us, she assigned the task to her subordinate and was not physically present at the time of the dispatch. Her negligence resulted in poor packaging. The client received goods that were broken as a result. The company had to face a huge loss and also lost a client.

These facts have been verified through our investigation process. The disciplinary committee, therefore, finds Miss. Jones is to be completely responsible for this incident.

The earlier decision was taken by the management to terminate Miss. Jones must not be reversed. As per the company’s policy, her provident fund shall be withheld since she has caused a financial loss to the company.

This decision is final and cannot be further challenged by the employee.

Letter of appeal for reconsideration of the penalty

I am writing to formally make an appeal to the management to reconsider the disciplinary action taken against me on (date) for the unfortunate incident that took place on (date). I acknowledge my lapse of judgment and profusely apologize for causing the subsequent loss to the company. However, I request you to reconsider the decision taken against me.

I have been serving the organization for the last 7 years with complete dedication and loyalty. During this time, I have successfully completed all of my projects and tasks. Moreover, I have always abided by the company’s policies and observed work ethics. I sincerely hope the management will take into consideration the above-mentioned points before finalizing my termination. I request another chance to serve the company.

I look forward to your response.

Appeal letter against an unfair decision

I received my termination letter yesterday, 14th July 20XX. My dismissal has come as a shock to me since there is no valid reason for firing me from my job. I request the HR department to reconsider my termination.

The reason provided to me by my supervisor for my dismissal is inappropriate behavior at work. This is a completely unfair allegation since I have always adopted a professional attitude with my superiors as well as coworkers. I have also always abided by the company’s rules and policies. There has never been an unpleasant incident reported against me. I, therefore, appeal for a reversal of your decision to terminate me unless my supervisor can provide proof of his claim regarding my inappropriate behavior.

I expect the management to make a fair decision. I await your quick response.

Appeal letter against an unfair decision

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