Letters Reporting Lost Item for Various Situations

Letter of a lost item in the hotel

I am Omer Ahson from Illinois. I have just returned from my stay at your hotel in [PLACE]. I am writing to inquire about a camera that I found missing from my luggage upon my return from my trip. I request you to look for the mentioned item and inform me as soon as you find it.

It is a Nikon digital camera model number [#]. The device is silver in color with a black leather cover case. I remember distinctly taking pictures in the waiting lounge before checking out. You are requested to ask your staff to look for my camera at the reception and in the waiting lounge. I believe the item will be found easily as it cannot be overlooked due to its conspicuous size.  

It is needless to say that the missing item is quite expensive. I am, however, more concerned about my personal pictures in the camera. I, therefore, request you to carry out a search urgently before the device falls into the wrong hands. I trust the staff of (hotel’s name) for its honesty and scrupulousness.

Please call me at (number) as soon as you find my camera. I shall be really grateful for your assistance and cooperation.

Letter of explanation for lost item

This letter is in response to your complaint regarding your child’s missing feeding equipment from our daycare center. As the supervisor of ABC Daycare Center, I sincerely apologize for the lost items. We would like to compensate you monetarily through deductions in your upcoming dues.

Let us inform you that we did a thorough search for your daughter’s Avent glass bottles. We are extremely regretful for not being able to find them. As you know, our team comprises of highly trained staff. Each of our nannies is extremely dedicated. They are never neglectful of their responsibilities.

However, unfortunately, three of our staff members called in sick on Tuesday – the day you reported the missing item to us. We were understaffed and overwhelmed that day. Even though we tried our best to keep everything organized and under control, your daughter’s bottles were regretfully misplaced. We have also checked with other parents but have not received a fruitful response. We assure you such an incident shall not happen again.

Once again, we apologize for not being able to take care of your daughter’s belongings. We request you to provide us with the pricing details of the bottles so that the management can reimburse you accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Missing cash incident report letter

I am writing to bring a serious matter to your attention. As I had been entrusted with the task of collecting donations for the company’s charity program, I had managed to collect $50, 000 over the last two weeks. However, an amount of $20, 000 has gone missing from my office. I implore you to carry out an official investigation and recover the missing amount.

I have been keeping the funds in a locked drawer in my cabin at the office. I always keep the keys in the drawer in my pocket while the spare keys are in the admin office. I believe someone got access to the spare keys and used them to steal the funds from my office while I was away during lunch break. I suggest checking the CCTV camera footage to catch the culprit. The admin officers should also be questioned since they maintain the spare keys to the office.

It is highly disturbing to know that someone from our office stole our charity funds. I hope we are able to recover the missing amount soon. I shall transfer the cash to the company’s bank account as soon as it has been recovered to avoid such an incident again.

Missing item email response

I am Sarah Khan, Branch Manager at XYZ bank. Our customer care team has received your email regarding your missing cell phone. Let me assure you that I am personally overlooking the matter.

As you informed us, your phone is probably on silent mode. For this reason, we have not been able to locate it by calling on your number. However, I have just received this morning’s CCTV footage of the bank when you visited us. I shall examine the footage carefully along with my team in order to determine where you left your phone. I shall update you within an hour.

In the meanwhile, I suggest you carefully scan your car and contact any other place that you visited after the bank. Kindly inform us if you recover your phone from elsewhere. I sincerely hope you find it soon.

Letter of Lost Documents

I am writing to make a complaint about my lost documents. As per the company’s requirements, I submitted an original copy of my university transcript along with my other particulars to the HR department upon joining the organization 2 years ago. However, the HR department informed me today that they have no record of my documents. This is sheer negligence as my documents have been lost by HR.

I request the management to look into the matter. I shall be really grateful for your due consideration.

Missing cash incident report letter

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