Excuse Letter for Submitting the Project Late


Re. Excuse Letter for Submitting Project no. 7090/C-II after Ordained Time Limit

Dear Sir, it is remorsefully stated that I am submitting project no. 7090/C-II today because of unavoidable circumstances. It led me to submit the work later than the deadline which was 13-07-XX and the project was submitted on 15-07-XX. The project was delayed because of my sickness, and I did not work for one whole week. The project was on the web development of RDM Groups and the IT refurbishment of their development wing.

The project was started on 1st July 20XX, and I fell seriously ill. I caught a cold on 8th July 20XX and thus, the work on the project could not be completed. The project work was initiated on 20-07-XX properly and therefore it could not be completed earlier till the deadline. I couldn’t complete the work in such a short span of time as the project necessitates much heed and attentiveness. The project details are following:

The project deals with the department of Web Design and Development Wing. The major task was to refurbish the IT services of the Department of Planning and Development Authority (PDA) through JavaScript drawing and AJAX-Style Login. The project has been completed and mailed to your official account [EMAIL].

Please let me know if the project needs any further appraisal. You can contact me at [EMAIL] or call me at +1-[X] from 11 AM to 3 PM. I thank you for enduring this unavoidable deferral.


Kessy Nelson
Assistant Project Manager
Mega Websters and Tech Company
P-0090 Harlem Road, San Diego
California, USA

Excuse Letter for Submitting the Project Late


Re. Deviance in the Schedule of Project Submission

Dear Ma’am,

This letter is to communicate the deviance in the schedule of the submission of the project. The project submission was due on 23-07-XX but it could not end with completion because of the inexorable situation created by the impacts of COVID-19. This led to severe dismal in the business and completion of various projects. The company had to return many projects and bear a loss of not less than a million USD. Thus, it was inevitable for multiple projects to be delayed.

With the surge of COVID-19 cases in Florida, actuated and driven by the third wave of the unprecedented virus, many businesses were called off by the government and local government, and Health Advisory of Florida asked for immediate implementation 20-06-XX. The project was approved on 15-06-XX and it was to be initiated on 19-06-XX following by the day lockdown inflicted.

The project, thus, could not be completed because of the business shutdown. The company perceived working from home for fifty percent of employees, but it is almost impossible to decipher the project and the interjections manifested while working home. It needs strong departmental collaboration whereas the collaboration of different departments weakens with the working online or not working in a unified space.

As the project involves real estate activity, thus a lot of workforces are demanded which should be interdepartmental. Having mentioned all the reasons stipulated by the situation of uncertainty and abrupt changes in working mode impeded the project work and delayed the completion. It is expected that the project will be completed not later than 15-07-XX. I thank you in anticipation for supporting us with your constant coordination and discernment. For more, you can contact our project manager at [EMAIL] or call our PMD at +1-[X].


Kelson Hawthorne
Assistant Project Manager
DWA Company (Pvt.) Ltd.
Floor 07, Duodenum Galaxy, Orlando
Florida, USA

Excuse Letter for Submitting the Project Late

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