Probation Termination Letter Templates


To, Mr. [X]
Assistant Sales Manager
[Company Name]

Dear Mr. [X], it is solemnly stated to notify you about the termination of your services on probation in our organization. You joined [Company Name] as an assistant to our sales managing officer and his subordinate working group on a probation basis a month ago. Your presentation and enthusiasm to work according to the work pattern of the company were praiseworthy in the first couple of weeks.

However, as the weeks progressed by, a serious issue in your moral and behavioral conduct was noticed by your supervising authorities. The recent fight that you were involved in the office during the meeting in the board room with your fellow co-working colleagues on a petty matter caused to be a serious ambient issue. This was not the first time you were seen picking up fights, stirring racist and heated arguments among the employees, and misbehaving with them by using abusive language.

Your arrogant and obnoxious behavior and code of conduct disturb the whole office environment where employees have started to feel uneasy at work. This kind of demanding behavior will not be tolerated and forgiven anymore, as the CEO of Telenor Pakistan has decided to terminate your probation in the company.

You were repeatedly told that your attitude at the workplace would eventually make you lose the job and terminate your probation. Despite the warning letters issued to you three consecutive times, and despite multiple oral warnings, you did not improve your code of conduct and, your inconsistent and inconsiderate behavior.

Any company can function and produce/serve at its best when employees feel safe and are valued at their workplace, which would no longer be possible due to your neglect. Thus, we inform you with regrets that your probation with Telenor Pakistan comes to an end from today onwards i.e., 28th July, 20XX.

The procedure of salary payment for your working period during the probation period in conjunction with your track record would be cleared, and shifted in your bank account by tomorrow i.e., 29th July, 20XX. Involving all the unconsumed paid leaves certificates, all your necessary documents would be posted to you at the residential address you have registered at [Company Name].

If you still have any doubts and queries regarding your probation termination or regarding any other information, the HR department would always be there for your assistance in this matter. Here is [Company Name] wishing you all the best for your future ventures in your life and career. Thank you for your services and contributions made at [Company Name].

Yours sincerely,

[Company Name]

Probation termination letter template


To, Mr. Kazmi
Assistant Marketing Manager
[Company Name]

Dear Mr. Kazmi,

It is hereby stated to inform you about the termination of your services on probation in the company. You joined us on board as an assistant to our marketing manager and his team in [Company Name] on probation a couple of months ago. Your performance and willingness to learn and adopt the company’s pattern of work were appreciable in the first month.

However, your performance graph was seen to be declining with the passing time as your non-punctuality and non-seriousness at work were frequently observed by your immediate seniors and were duly reported to the executive authorities. Despite the repetitive warnings issued to you by the company, there was no visible and effective change to be seen in your overall behavior during working hours and at the workplace.

Nevertheless, we deeply recognize and acknowledge the sincere efforts you have put into the company so far and the part you played as an assistant marketing manager at the time of your probationary period with [Company Name]. Unfortunately, it is stated with sheer regret and disappointment that the results produced under your supervision did not somehow meet the business expectations and the environment of our office got negatively affected by the negligence caused by you.

Hence, we are issuing this letter to notify you that your employment with [Company Name] is held terminated from today (28th July 20XX). We will process the salary of your working period during this probation time, along with your working record, which would be transferred to your bank account as soon as the ongoing week comes to an end.

Moreover, all these documents would be sent to your residential address by post on the same day when you will receive your salary. We wish you all the best for your future experiences and ventures that you step into in the future, having a safe career onwards.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Khan
Senior Executive Manager, [Company Name]

Probation termination letter template

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