Gym Cancellation Write Up

One vital parameter to stay happy is good health. Good health comes with healthy diet and regular exercise. Regular exercise boosts the metabolism and keeps muscles active. As a result, a healthy body gives a healthy mind. And a healthy mind keeps an individual calm and happy.

Maintaining a good exercise routine can be done by joining a gym. By joining a gym, one can opt for a variety of exercise parameters. Additionally, one gets more knowledge on staying fit and healthy. Gyms have a lot more to do like they provide various exercise and diet planners. Instructors are available for teaching to newcomers.

One needs to make research while joining the gym. Some gyms provide the best services other just waste one’s money. A gym membership form is being submitted by the applicant. The applicant health must meet the requirement of health criterion mentioned in the form. It also contains an agreement to various terms and conditions as well as extra services associated.

Sometimes these services are provided with extra charges. Moreover, it becomes a burden for the majority of the member to pay unrevealed and hidden expenses that are not known to the applicant at the time of joining.

Gym cancellation can be for various reasons. It includes but not limited to

  • If someone is not satisfied with the gym services
  • Someone has moved to a new location
  • Some type of illness or injury
  • Don’t want to continue the services due to the target has been achieved

While writing a gym cancellation one needs to mention his/her account number with his name. One should also mention the reason for cancellation along with necessary references and details. An immediate acceptance must be requested.

Letter #1

Gym cancellation letterThis is to inform you that I may not be able to avail gym services in future because of my job transfer to another city. For this reason, I am canceling my membership with the gym. It has been a fruitful experience to work out with you people. Your gym is the perfect place which anyone could find for fitness.

Enrolled with this letter is my month’s gym fee. I hope to meet up with you people for any future associations.

Letter #2

Gym cancellation letterIt is to inform you with a heavy heart that I may no longer be able to remain a member of the gym. From the past few weeks, I have been observing health issues due to which doctors have disallowed me for continuing any sort of physical exertion. I, therefore, must cancel my membership with the gym.

I had certainly had a very good time spent with the gym colleagues. The co-operative atmosphere of the gym is commendable. I hope we remain intact in good terms.

Letter #3

Gym cancellation letterThis is to bring to your attention that I will no longer remain a member of the gym. Recently I have lost my job due to which I am facing immense difficulties now. I need to have my membership canceled to avoid any misunderstandings which might possibly arise in future.

It has been a good time spent with the gym people. Hoping to meet in good spirits in future.

Letter #4

Gym cancellation letterPlease cancel my gym membership [# A4356] as I am not continuing to avail any service from [DATE]. The cancelation is due to a personal reason.

I have attended the gym until [DATE] which make it [X] days for the month of [MONTH]. The monthly membership fee for the [MONTH] has already been deposited. Let me know for any amount that needs to be settled in case.

Please provide me with the cancellation confirmation letter/email for future reference.

Thank you.

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