Hiring Recommendation Letter

What is a hiring recommendation letter?

Hiring recommendation letters are written by the people like department heads, professors, or some other person who is in a higher position in a company. These letters provide the hiring managers a rapid glimpse of the qualifications and skills of the candidate or applicant who is applying for a job. These letters provide a good reputation for the candidate and also show his teamwork and public dealing experiences. These letters provide hiring managers an opportunity to short-list candidates quite easily. The letter of recommendation provides a comprehensive view of the character and academic profile of the candidate.

How to write hiring recommendation letter?

Hiring recommendation letters are a type of formal letter. In this letter, the person who is writing the letter recommends a person who is his former colleague, subordinate, student, or research associate of him. Then he describes the behavior and skills of that person.

After the applicant`s brief information, the person who is recommending the candidate provides an introduction of his job position and the institution where he is currently working. Then he/she provides a complete description of the candidate`s skills and working experience with the candidate. He also provides his complete contact details to contact in case of further queries about the experience or character of the candidate or job applicant.

Important things to include/mention in the hiring recommendation letter

  • Name and designation of the person to whom the letter is written
  • Candidate’s name and information who is applying for the job position
  • Introduction of the candidate for whom the letter is written
  • Complete introduction of the person who is writing the recommendation letter
  • Designation of the person who is recommending the candidate
  • Working experience with the candidate
  • Complete contact details of the person who is recommending a candidate for the described job position.

Sample letter

The Hiring Manager
Name of the company
City, country, Zip Code


Subject: Hiring Recommendation for Ms. EFG

Respected Mr. ABC,


I am Mr. CDF, and it is an immense pleasure for me to recommend Ms. EFG, for the post of (desired post) in your prestigious company (name of the company).

I am Mr. CDF and I want to introduce myself for your kind consideration. I am currently working as regional manager finance in (name of the business firm). I have experience of 20 years in this field and I have come across a lot of candidates in front of me. I have worked with Ms. EFG for two years and she has all the required skills for this job position.

She had been my research student for the MS in agricultural sciences for three years (university name). She has learned a lot about nursery and plant management practices during her professional degree. She also has a hands-on practice in pruning, weeding, fertilization, irrigation, disease, and pest control, and monitoring of general plant health. She is capable to work in harsh environmental conditions and under intense pressure. She also has experience in nursery security-related operations and can train and supervise her co-workers for all the desired operations mentioned in the job advertisement.

She has excellent working experience as a teammate and works efficiently in group settings as well. She is a good team player and a multi-tasker. She is a motivational speaker and team leader as well. She is also good at managing budgets and meeting timelines. I believe she is a suitable candidate for this position.

All her managerial experiences and versatile professional knowledge will provide her future employer a multi-talented, focused, good team manager and well-experienced professional in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, plant management, and project management areas.

If you need any further information about Ms. EFG, please feel free to contact me by email or on call. My contact details are written at the end of this letter. I have also stipulated my visiting card with this letter. I hope you will consider her for this position. I shall be greatly obliged to you for this favor.

Thank you so much for your precious time.


Your name


Contact details

Hiring Recommendation Letter

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