Laundry Service Proposal Letter

Laundry service proposal letters are written for the advertisement of the service. These types of letters are beneficial for the introduction of services provided by the laundry service companies. These letters provide a complete overview of the company`s profile. The letters also introduce the new promotional offers provided by the laundry service companies.

These types of letters are sources of bilateral communication between the laundry service providers and clients. The clients of such companies are of different types. They can offer services to individuals or to business companies and hotels etc. The pattern of the proposal letter depends on the target audience to whom the letter is addressed. If a client is an individual (Residential areas) then letters contain only the introduction of the company, services, team introduction, and unique aspects of the laundry services.

If the letter is written to a business company (commercial portfolios) then the pattern is different. These letters provide an introduction of the company, unique aspects, previous working experience to handle huge projects, and a complete introduction of staff members (qualification and experiences).

The letter provides the client companies a comprehensive view of the services and facilities offered by the laundry service providers. Client companies take the decision of initiation of partnership according to the details provided in the laundry service proposal letter.

The main parts of laundry service proposal letters are as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Services details
  • Promotional offers
  • Unique aspects
  • Experiences
  • Complete cost related details

Sample letter

Name of the concerned person
Name of the company
City, country, Zip Code


Subject: Laundry service proposal for [X]

Respected Mr. ABC,

Greetings of the day!

I am Ms. [NAME] and I am writing this proposal on behalf of my company [NAME]. Our company is one of the best and reliable laundry service providers in this region. We have worked with many multi-national companies and event management corporations. The testimonials and certificates of appreciation are also stipulated with this proposal for your reference. We have multi-tasking and experienced team and the details of our staff members along with their designations and qualifications are as follows:

[Add details]

Our professionals have a complete experience of bio-safety regulations and we use completely safe and eco-friendly detergents in all our washing and dry-cleaning procedures. We also offer pick & drop services to the corporate sector industries. These services are specifically planned according to the customer`s convenience. We have a special HR team to communicate effectively with all our clients and guide them about the logistics, operations and all the additional services offered by our company. If you want on-site services, then we are also open to the provision of these services.

All the equipment and deliverables will be cross-checked with the international bio-safety protocols of (partner company`s name). We ensure you with the provision of all these services fast, safe, reliable, and timely delivery. I am sure that you will consider this proposal and will give our company this opportunity to work with your prestigious company.

I have attached all the documents necessary for assurance of our claims. Details of all financials along with the biological safety certificates and other testimonials are also attached with this proposal. We will look forward to a positive response from your side soon.

In case of any query, feel free to contact me on the given email id or our Human Resource Management representatives on the contact numbers provided in the documents.

Thank you so much for your precious time and patience.


Your name



List of attached documents.

Laundry Service Proposal Letter

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