Complaint Letter to Principal about Inadequate Washrooms

Educational institutions are public places and there are a lot of staff members and students to use them. Washrooms of the institutions must be clean and tidy all the time. The number of washrooms should be increased according to the no. of people using them. People of institutions often complain about inadequacy or poor sanitary conditions of washrooms. Administrative heads are responsible for addressing all these issues so, these letters should directly address them.

How to write a complaint letter to the principal?

The tone of the letter should be polite, humble, and appropriate. There is no need to use fancy phrases. The letter should be brief, precise, and concise. Avoid unnecessary details and long stories. The letter should on one page. Attach some supportive documents with the letter. In such a letter, the complainant should prescribe a possible mitigation strategy or possible solution. The complaint letter is a way of bilateral communication among management and staff or students. The important part of complaint letters are as follows:

  • Name and designation of the person to whom the letter is addressed
  • Proper details about the issue
  • Supportive evidence
  • Letter of consent signed by all staff and students
  • A possible solution to the problem
  • Possible hazards if the issue is not addressed properly

Sample Letter

Name of the concerned person
City, country, Zip Code


Subject: Complaint about the inadequate washrooms

Respected Ms. ABC,

Greetings of the day!

This is to inform you that we are the students of the boy’s wing of (class, section, academic session) in your school. I am writing this letter to you to bring your attention to a very serious issue. This problem has adversely affected the health of a lot of students in our class. 

The problem is that there is only one washroom at our campus which is in working condition. All the staff members, custodian staff, and students are compelled to use only one washroom. The washroom is mostly crowded and always dirty. The smell and poor sanitary situation have made a lot of students depressed and sick. There are always flies and insects in the washroom and that is the reason why all of us are suffering a lot.

The physical and psychological health of staff and students is the responsibility of the head of the institution. I hope you will take radical steps to mitigate this issue. I have written a letter earlier to the management department head Mr. [X] as well but he did not bother to even answer my request. This problem is getting worse day by day as the health status of students is continuously declining and we are heading towards our final term exams next month. I have attached a copy of our attendance record with the letter as well.

We have four separate washrooms on the other two floors of the campus but they are not in working condition. This is the main reason for our problem. I request you to either make those four washrooms working or construct a new one for us. I also request you to check the sanitary issues as well.

I, therefore, request you on behalf of all the students and staff members to please address our problem on an immediate basis. I have attached a consent form signed by all the students and staff members with this letter as well for your reference.

Thanking you in anticipation!


Your name
Class, Section, Session
Your signature


List of attached documents

Complaint Letter to Principal about Inadequate Washrooms

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