Letter of Counselling for Misconduct


Re: Counseling Note for the Egregious Misconduct in the Office

Dear Marquis,

This letter has been composed to you to counsel you for your egregious misconduct which has been chronic. This letter can also be served as a notice of reprimanding the employee if needed. In this letter, you are expected to coordinate with the rules and regulations of the company and comply with instructions laid down by the company’s policymakers.

  • First, I want to make you look at the chronic egregious misconduct of yours in the office which is gross and general both in its nature. You have been strictly inspected by the authorities which have resulted in their carrying of the burden of proof. You have been seen committing several misconducts in different manners. It has been reported that you have been found breaching the company’s confidentiality and client’s information to the external forces. The external forces have been found to be assisting you and keeping good terms with you for the sake of this very profit.
  • Secondly, you have been found having some unethical relationships in the office with an/a few employee/employees. It has also been proved that the kind of relationship has been unethical and is being displayed in the office in a completely immoral code of conduct.
  • Thirdly, I am embarrassed to know that you have been found committing insubordination to your immediate supervisor and has refused him to follow his management and set of orders several times.

All the things mentioned above have been validated by your supervisor and a number of colleagues. All the requirements are filled in which the company can take an action to terminate the employee or is eligible to put possible disciplinary sanctions. This letter is counseling for you to not contaminate the highly professional and pleasant environment of the office otherwise it can turn out to be a very unpleasant consequence for you.

Marquis, in the workplace, as in most of the corporate agencies and firms, it has been laid down in their working policy that the foremost and gravest concern is their privacy and confidentiality of working in the competitively warming world of business. It is considered an illegal act and egregious crime to breach a company’s confidentiality by providing internal information to the rival company/companies. In this furrow, an employee can be fired or even given in the charge of police in legal proceedings, but we are willing to provide a chance to mend your ways of misconduct and do not intensify your career.

The other thing is, keeping the secret and unethical relationships are not allowed in the workplaces, therefore, it has been given into your knowledge that you should restrain from forming such relationships. Your personal life should not impede the working environment of the office; therefore, we condemn this act of you and thus advise you to stay away from expanding the stretches of your relationships to the office.

Lastly, I want you to understand that the office has a certain hierarchy of working and this hierarchy is steering power of the proper functioning of the business, this functioning can be obstructed by the commitment of insubordination which can ultimately result in tough sanctions at you.

Keeping all the instructions in view, I expect you to improve your behaviors and mend your ways to form a better and professional environment. You can meet me in person if you want to discuss anything further or contact me via email at [email]. Thank you.


Simon Devere
The General Manager
GHK Group of Companies
34-N 10th Avenue Rigix Heights, Stevia Hall Road, California, USA

Letter of Counselling for Misconduct


Re: Counseling Letter on the Appalling and Long-Standing Misconduct

Dear Lithgow,

This Letter has been penned to you on behalf of the Managing Director and you are required to act upon the directions given below to you protocoled with reference to the above-cited subject. This letter intends to counsel you for the persistent complaints from your supervisor indicating your long-term misconduct and chronic misbehavior in the office. It has been notified to you that this counseling letter can be used for the reprimanding notice if needed. Therefore, you are advised to read the following description and instructions carefully and act impeccably.

It has been brought to my attention that you have been involved in harassing the female employees in the office who are your subordinate. It was exacerbating and equally surprising for me to know this about you. You have been performing well in your forte and you showed an immeasurable deal of dedication to the work in the former months of this year and it delighted me to the great extent. Now, the complaint charged against you can put a great cost for your career not only in this company but in any of the multinational company. The cancellation of employment capabilities can cost you your entire career of working in multinational companies at stake.

Lithgow, our company renders firm belief in working with the protocols of teamwork and highly professional ambiance. Acts like harassment or intimidation are illegal according to the US Law of Working Policy and Workplace Ethics Code 1989. The rules laid down in this policy mention that the intimidation and harassment committed by an employee are one of the heinous most acts at the workplace and it frees the company completely to terminate the employee with a single notice or sanction him with a huge fine.

This letter serves as a counseling letter and an advisory notice and can deliberately be considered as a first chance notice. Acts like harassment and intimidation are not only illegal but they are also immoral and socially unacceptable. Such crimes are egregious in the eyes of company law because they impede the company’s venture to its determination for creating a secure and professional platform for competent and dedicated workers.

I expect you to redeem your ways and write an apology letter or email to the victims of your crime. Moreover, it is expected that you will not repeat this odious and wicked crime in the office otherwise you will be served with a final letter of termination or sanction. I tie good hopes with you in this regard. If you want to discuss further, you are welcome to visit me or write to me at [email]. Thank you.


John Stroke
MD Assistant
GHK Group of Companies

Letter of Counselling for Misconduct

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