Letter Requesting Extension of Time to Pay Rent

A letter requesting an extension of time to pay the rent, as the name suggests, is written to the landlord is written with an intent to request the extension of the rent date. It is written by the tenants to propose an augmentation in the deadline of the due rent for some weighty reasons. It is quite likely, the lessee, just like any other individual vulnerable to troubles in life, will be subjected to an uncalled-for situation pushing him to put the landlord in inconvenient circumstances. Going beyond the pronounced terms and conditions of the lease is not appreciated by any landlord, but it is not a totally alien idea as it is quite close to reality.

If you are in such an awkward condition and you believe you will not be able to pay the rent on time, it is only best for you to confront your landlord by writing him an official ‘rent extension letter to landlord’ pleading for an extension. Make sure you are adhering to the protocols of this application by following an appropriate format. While you craft this letter, ensure the following points.

  • Start with stating your problem and how adverse it has made your life.
  • Now, come straight to the point by describing how it is preventing you from paying your due rent on time.
  • Since you have mentioned both crucial parts, now face the most challenging one, requesting an extension in the deadline.

As you have taken care of the above-mentioned tips, it is time for you to learn how to jot down these facts. In the context of establishing your tone, do not beg for a prolongation no matter how desperately you need it as it sounds quite unprofessional and awkward. We also do not recommend you to be unpleasant or raw ignoring politeness and formalities. Staying simple and factual is the key to sound convincing and real.

Following is a sample of ‘Letter Requesting Extension of Time to Pay Rent’ for you to take notes from. You may change all the necessary details as per your requirement.

Sample Letter

Dear Michael,

I hope this letter finds you in the best state of health. I am writing this letter to bring an important issue to your attention. As you know I reside at your house with my two children, a wife, and one mother who has been quite ill for the past 3-weeks owing to her open-heart surgery. I have been going through a lot lately because of it and now for some inevitable reasons at work, I have not received my salary for the previous month which was due last Monday.

I am sure you have noticed that I have been a loyal tenant for 6-months but now my circumstances are pushing me to request you an extension on the rent deadline due this Friday. After addressing the issue with the finance department at my workplace, I have been promised my funds will be released within 7-14 working days. I request you to allow me to submit the rent after I receive my salary.

Thank you for hearing me out!



Letter Requesting Extension of Time to Pay Rent

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