Apology Letter for Unprofessional Attitude


Re. Regretful Acknowledgement and Apology for the Disruptive and Unprofessional Behavior

Dear Sir, I am writing to extend my sincere apologies and utmost regret for the violent and disruptive environment caused by me. I received your email today stating the unprofessional demeanor showed by me on 23rd April 20XX. I am sorry for the unprofessional behavior and the disruption caused by my reaction to the incident happened. 

I understand the SOPs and other standard policies to work in a firm like this. I also understand the general and compliant code of conduct essential for the workplace. Sir, I have been working here in this organization since 2010 and I have never been reported guilty of violent and non-compliant behavior.

On 23rd April 20XX, Mr. Langland who is an Assistant Web Developer in the department of IT, came to me asking about the progress on the JST Report which was to be submitted on the same day before the closure of the office. I told him that I need a few hours more to complete this report as I needed to give a second reading to the jotted data. Langland started shouting at me and started misbehaving first. He abused me on which I pushed him away. He pushed me as a reaction and I fell away against the wall. I stood up and then he slapped me in the face when the situation got worse, and I lost my temper.

I think everyone working in the office has a right to do self-defense. Langland did not provide me any chance to cool down and complain to the office in a more professional demeanor. I accept that it is my mistake to defend myself in non-professional terms. All that is explained above can be watched in the CCTV footage of my room.

I understand that my explanation does not exempt me from being guilty of violent behavior. Therefore, I apologize and show my earnest guilt over the issue reported. I also assure you that I will never do such a violent act in the office. I have also sent an apologizing letter to Mr. Langland as a note of friendliness and amicable colligation. 

I shall be grateful if you accept my sincere apologies and do not add my name to the RTP list of employees. For more please write to me at [EMAIL].

Thank you in anticipation.


Denim Paul
Assistant DFD
Miguel Groups, CA

Apology letter for unprofessional attitude


Re. Apologizing for the Unprofessional Demeanor and Humiliating Code of Conduct with Mr. Raffles Signing Case # 3430-P

Dear Sir,

I am Emily Cooper from the department of Culture Communication and Development. I am working in this company since 2018 and have been allocated multidimensional responsibilities including Delta store management and communication and development. It has always been a pleasure working here but things got frivolous after the second wave of the pandemic. During the second wave of coronavirus, several changes were brought in the company’s policies and managerial and administrative functioning.

To operate things more smoothly, I developed a policy of pandemic work and introduced it in the BODs meeting on 25th April 20XX. Everyone was inspired by the idea when Mr. Raffles intruded on the presentation and marked some insignificant points in the presentation. After a lot of clarification and explanation, he acceded to my point of view and approved the policy. Being my immediate supervisor, he has all the authority to degenerate or approve anything developed by my work. 

On 1st May 20XX, Mr. Raffles had been invited to the KOLX Groups to investigate the issues as a WIP (Work in Pandemic) expert. In the meeting, I was the one to assist him and I assisted him with presenting the same policy I presented in our office. Mr. Raffles not only disapproved of the policy but also rebuked me in a harsh and bad way that I do not consider acceptable for any of the employees.

As a result of that, we both faced each other with our guns at each other. We were at daggers drawn in the work because of previous mishaps. On 3rd May 20XX, I passed humiliating remarks for Mr. Raffles while having a candid meeting with other colleagues. These humiliating remarks were enclosed in a tiny invisible camera and shown to Mr. Raffles who, then, filed for my unprofessional attitude.

I have apologized to Mr. raffles for this and therefore, writing an apology letter explaining the actual happening to you. I am extremely sorry for my unprofessional behavior and demeaning the working ambiance of the workplace. Please accept my sincere apologies by writing to me at [EMAIL].

Thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards

Emily Cooper
ADO Admin
Department of Culture Communication and Development
SDN Marketing and Advertising Agency
Opal House Road, Stephen Avenue, San Francisco

Apology letter for unprofessional attitude

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